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What’s New in the InDesign CS5 EPUB Export

We’ve been talking to publishers this week in New York City about their publishing workflows and the new opportunities they see on the horizon for digital publishing. As part of these conversations, I’ve heard excitement about Creative Suite 5 and the new features InDesign offers in its latest release. Along with this feature set, we’ve developed a new document that details the enhancements to the EPUB eBook workflow for InDesign CS5. These new features, including the ability to structure the reading order of exported content via XML and the option to include custom-built CSS for styling, allow for improved production and greater control in creating eBooks.

Read the details in the whitepaper (PDF, 656K)

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Digital Publishing at Adobe MAX 2010

MAX10_Maxtopia_125x125_General.jpgAt this year’s Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, we’ll be showcasing the best in digital publishing content in the 2010 MAX Awards.  Digital publishing is a new category in the MAX Awards lineup this year, and we’re excited to highlight the design innovation publishers are using to engage readers in new ways with digital books and magazines.  So, fire up your new download of CS5 and show us your most compelling book & magazine content.  For more information, including how to submit your entry to our crack panel of publishing design experts, check out the MAX Awards site. 

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EPUB and iBooks

Apple notes on its iBooks page today that users can add “free” ePub titles and sync them to the iPad using iTunes.  As I interpret this, “free” means you’ll be able to load ePub without content protection (like eBooks in the public domain) onto the iPad.  Like I’ve said before, we welcome the decision Apple has made to support the ePub format because it will further grow the eBook market and reduce the file formats to which publishers must output.

There are some things that readers should be clear about though – one good and one not-so-good. First, the good. Today’s news that users can load “free” ePub onto the iPad means that you’ll be able to export an eBook using the “Export to Digital Editions” feature in InDesign CS4 and read it on the iPad as well as one of the nearly 25 devices that support the Adobe eBook Platform.  To be clear, however, eBooks protected by Apple’s DRM (like those you purchase within iBooks) are locked-in to Apple devices. This means these books won’t work on other eReader devices or smartphone platforms because Apple’s DRM is incompatible with other systems.  Nor will eBooks purchased from any other online bookseller work in the iBooks application. Before investing in a library of paid eBook content in iBooks, consumers should consider how they’ll be able to access their content across the range of devices they will use – smartphones, tablets, and desktop apps – on a daily basis.  Read more on this from the Financial Times article “Walls close in on e-book garden

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Adobe and Digital Publishing

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The “Future of Publishing” is the new hot-topic, with media focusing on the devices that will deliver digital newspapers, magazines and books.
Well hardware is nothing without software and – as you’d expect, with
over 25 years partnering with the print publishing industry – Adobe
technology is powering this transition, as new digital formats and new
reading patterns emerge.

This spring, expect to see Adobe out and about, showing some of our
latest tools and technologies – developed by ourselves and in
collaboration with publishers. We think you’ll love what we have to
demo, so check us out if you’re coming to the events below:

Tools of Change for Publishing

Mobile World Congress

FIPP Digital Innovators’ Summit

South by Southwest

Keynote presentation from Adobe SVP of Creative Solutions, John Loiacono
Future of Publishing Summit

In the meantime, to whet your appetite, click on the links below to
find out more about how Adobe is delivering a digital future for
publishers and readers.

Digital newspapers
Times Reader 2.0 - a collaboration with The New York Times to deliver newspaper content in an interactive, Adobe AIR-based application

Digital magazines
Condé Nast/Wired Magazine – a collaboration with Condé Nast to deliver the digital magazine experience on tablet devices

EPUB and PDF – the standards for reflowable and final-form eBooks,
enabling consumers to transfer eBooks across devices. Adobe is driving
EPUB adoption with more than 100 industry partners
Content Server 4 – rights management and content protection for PDF and EPUB eBooks
Reader Mobile 9 SDK – PDF and EPUB eBook rendering support on smartphones and dedicated eReading devices
Digital Editions – free, lightweight, desktop reading application for PC and Mac

Content authoring
Creative Suite 4 Design Premium – the ultimate tookit to deliver rich, creative publishing experiences across media
Digital Publishing Technology Center – technical resource center to stay up-to-date on the latest publishing standards and tools

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