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Rolling Stone Hits the Apple Newsstand

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone has just been added to the prestigious list of apps launched on the Apple Newsstand using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Designed and optimized exclusively for the iPad, the app features the same content as the print version in a vibrant and user-friendly way. Rolling Stone has also artfully integrated ways to engage the reader by providing links to listen to music samples from within all of the album and song reviews. Readers can then purchase that music from iTunes directly from within the app.

Joseph Hutchinson, Rolling Stone Design Director, stated:
“We’re excited to give our readers a digital version of the magazine that is designed specifically for the iPad. Each page and photograph of the magazine is optimized to enhance readability and allow readers to easily navigate through the issue, along with the added feature of being able to listen to music samples.”

Download this lexicon of American music, politics and culture on the iPad or iPad mini. Rock on.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone




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Heifer International: Gift giving goes digital

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 3.04.15 PM

If you were one of the many people scrambling to make your charitable contributions in the final days of 2012, you may be pleased to know that charitable organizations are working to make it easier for you to donate any time, from your preferred device. For example, the first digital edition of Heifer International’s World Ark magazine includes original material on the issues of poverty and agriculture, along with an embedded catalog with a range of gifts that can help people in the developing world become self-reliant.

Heifer International believes the compelling stories in its editorial portion of the magazine are a perfect fit with the catalog. Upon reading the editorial content, people who are inspired can take action—all within one connected user experience. The tablet edition’s embedded catalog includes links directly to the donation portal on the Heifer website. Once the transaction is complete, donors are returned seamlessly back to the app.

Donna Stokes, managing editor of World Ark, says, “Publishing World Ark and our catalog on the iPad and Android tablets using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition gives us the opportunity to reach younger, tech-savvy donors interested in helping end hunger and poverty.”

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite was chosen as part of a holistic effort to reach new, younger donors and to engage them through the latest digital channels. For Heifer International, offering a digital edition is the perfect way to augment what to date has been a largely print-based donation initiative. Already, the app has been downloaded by users in 20 different countries, allowing the organization to reach a global subscriber base that is unattainable with its traditional, print publication.

Heifer International is also looking into the use of built-in analytics in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to gauge what’s working best to continually improve its content and interactivity. The organization’s efforts have already had a major impact on families around the world.

Read the PDF case study here:

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University of Oklahoma: Sooner Gameday App

By Teresa Demel


It is football week! On Monday, we introduced the Notre Dame Gameday app for the BCS football championship. Today, I’m sharing an app of the week video featuring the University of Oklahoma Sooner Gameday app. The Sooners used Digital Publishing Suite to create their weekly gameday program for football games on both the iPad and the iPhone. Their app is a great example of taking a successful print piece and adding interactive features available for mobile devices, heightening excitement around the content.

Some of my favorite features:
– The title page opens with a football announcer and cheers from the crowd (video overlay). I feel the enthusiasm already…
– The stats and information on the players go deep. Scrolling frames allow for longer bios and more stats on a single page.
– Fans can watch sponsored videos of great plays from past games: The Power Play, Catch of the Game, Delivery of the Half, and Teeth-Rattling Hit of the Game
– An audio timeline of last week’s match highlights game-changing plays.

Check out the Sooners app of the week video to see how DPS apps can deepen fans’ engagement and excitement for their favorite team.

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Football Fans Huddle Around Event App

Notre Dame Vs. Alabama 


For this year’s BCS National Championship Football game, both teams on the gridiron used Digital Publishing Suite to power their event game day apps. The newest app produced using Digital Publishing Suite – the Notre Dame app – features player bios, videos, animation and immersive interactivity to engage fans and event attendees before, during and after the big day. With live Twitter streaming embedded in the app, the Fighting Irish can allow others to join a virtual tailgate party (#NDvsBama) with other Notre Dame fans…even before the game has begun.

Event apps augment the experience both for fans who can’t travel to Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens Florida for the game – as well as those who are in the stadium for the big day. Because Notre Dame and its design agency were able to use designers to produce the interactive app content using Adobe InDesign, they were able to avoid using expensive custom app development firms. Best of all, because of this workflow they were also able to speed the time-to-market with the app – producing it in only a short two weeks.

See more about the app experience in the short video below, and download the Notre Dame game day app to experience for yourself.


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John Lewis Christmas Annual App Made with DPS brings Bells and Whistles this Holiday Season

Wouldn’t you like to give a little more this Christmas, without waiting in line, battling for parking spots, and did we mention- no waiting in line? John Lewis, UK’s largest department store retailer with 39 shops and a growing online business, has released a beautiful Christmas Annual app created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  Included in the app, you’ll even find the iconic tv advertisement featuring the heart wrenching snowman journey and tagline: “Give a little more this Christmas.” With the John Lewis Christmas Annual app, giving just got easier!

The free digital Christmas Annual, available on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Kindle Fire, comes to life with enticing features, topical interviews, helpful tips and elegant photography. The intuitive design makes it easy to explore products and make purchases from the website with just a few clicks and swipes.

John Lewis understands that it’s not just about the product; it’s also about the experience. Interactive elements further enhance the app with creative highlights made possible with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite capabilities. The alluring video of the Victorinox Night Vision Swiss Army watch, the dancing Dune Bo Glitter heels, and the 360 degree rotating view of the KitchenAid 6.9L Artisan Stand Mixer, are just a few little surprises you’ll find wrapped up in this edition.

This app features not just the best John Lewis products, but also a Christmas gift guide, feature article, and gorgeous photography to whisk you away to wonderland. Whether you’re looking to purchase some new twinkle for tabletops, brush up your beauty knowledge with makeup tips, or just window shop while on the go, this app has it all.

Shopping elves worldwide, it’s time to stuff those stockings! Download the 5-star John Lewis digital Christmas Annual to give a little more this holiday season.

  • Download the iPhone and iPad app from iTunes here
  • Download the Android version from Google Play here
  • Kindle Fire users, search for John Lewis in the Kindle Newsstand
  • Learn more about the John Lewis Christmas Annual 2012 here
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Top Gear Magazine Releases Interactive iPad Edition

Engine Creative agency used Digital Publishing Suite to build and release the first interactive edition of TopGear for the iPad: The 2012 Awards Edition. TopGear is not only the UK’s leading car magazine, but also a BBC television series in which Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May test drive and review motor vehicles for enthusiasts.

As Andy Wise, Engine Creative’s strategic director stated:

The iPad edition is a must-have for all fans of the TopGear brand as it combines the great editorial content of the magazine, the detail and interactivity from the website, and the top quality video content you associate with the TV show.

Words can describe the attributes of a car, but only a video of a Dacia Duster SUV driving through the mountains of Peru can fully illustrate how it handles rough terrain. The app embraces interactivity provided by Digital Publishing Suite, allowing readers to zoom in on the dashboard of a Pagani Huayra, or ride around the racetrack in a Toyota GT86. The TopGear app is truly an adventure.

–       Download TopGear Magazine on the iPad.


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Sections Feature Released for Newspapers

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite recently released a feature designed for newspapers that allows readers to view and download specific sections. When I pick up the morning paper, I often grab my favorite sections first: Local, Business, and of course, whatever section has the comics. Newspapers want their readers to download their favorite sections and immediately dive in instead of waiting for the entire folio to download.  This is also helpful because daily newspapers can consume a lot of memory on a tablet. By downloading only specific sections, tablet memory will not be consumed as quickly.

What is the reading experience like?

Library View of Sections

The prototype image pictured above shows the layout of sections. In the Library view, readers tap on a button that says “View Sections” to see today’s issue organized into sections. When the reader taps on the section, it begins download.  Once sections are available, browse mode will show downloaded sections side-by-side, with no reference to sections not downloaded.

How do I set it up?
Sections can be set up in Folio Producer using the latest release of DPS (v24). Publishers can define metadata for a given article. If you want to be more efficient, import an XML file that has a list of articles that belong to each section. Please note: if you do not specify section metadata for a given article, it will be downloaded with the first section that the reader selected.

Can I see it in action?
We are working with several customers that have adopted sections. Keep an eye out for future posts that highlight leading newspapers’ use of sections.

Learn more about sections on Bob Bringhurst’s DPS Help Site

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App of the Week: Heifer International’s World Ark Magazine

by Teresa Demel

Just in time for the giving season, Heifer International and Bates Creative Group released World Ark magazine and catalog, powered by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. World Ark not only showcases the inspiring stories of individuals and communities impacted by Heifer International, but also includes “The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World,” which allows readers to invest in the lives of individuals in developing nations.

In this app of the week video, I share the story of a woman in Bangladesh, who was able to become financially independent through gifts from Heifer International. Her story of transformation is inspiring, brought to life by slideshows and video footage. In this example, we can see photos of children happily learning in school and a video of community members dancing together.

I also walk through the process of purchasing a cow through the catalog. Using buttons and slideshows, it is easy to navigate through the gifts, such as goats, chickens, and stoves, and learn how they will benefit recipients. Without leaving the app, readers can purchase a gift from the online store and return to reading about Heifer International’s work.

And yes, I did donate part of a cow on behalf of my dad. That wasn’t just my fine acting skills. :)


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Ad of the Week: REI in Backpacker

By Teresa Demel

As part of my job, I read a lot of magazines built with Digital Publishing Suite. (I know, I know… rough life.) I often stumble across great ads worth sharing, and you will sometimes see an “Ad of the Week” in your feed instead of an “App of the Week.”

For publishers, advertisements are an important revenue stream. For advertisers, their placement and value are carefully scrutinized to maximize return on investment. Ads built in Digital Publishing Suite apps can be extremely high value for both parties when executed well.

REI ad using the Scratch-off Effect

The REI advertisements built into Digital Publishing Suite are both targeted and engaging. REI, a supplier of outdoor gear, sponsored the “Gear Guide” issue of Backpacker, a surefire way to reach the target demographic: people passionate about exploring the outdoors. They use interactivity in order to not only lengthen the amount of time that readers spend in the ad, but also provide moments of joy and entertainment.

Check out three ads featured in this video

  • Watch a video introduction with a personal message from the people at REI describing why they are sponsoring this issue.
  • Swipe the snow off the page to reveal an REI ad underneath. The designers used the scratch-off effect to create this interactivity.
  • Rotate your iPad to change your perspective of a man standing on a cliff. This is the parallax effect in action, built with three jpeg layers and javascript, utilizing the iPad’s gyroscope.

A tutorial for the scratch-off effect is available in DPS Cookbooks. There is a great discussion in the DPS forum on creating the parallax effect. If you have found any other helpful tutorials on these effects, please post them in the comments below.

Watch the Ad of the Week video here:

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Build a Custom Store to Promote In-App Sales

As publishers hone their tablet publishing sales strategy, they have new tools to upsell and cross-sell content to readers. Both publishers and corporations pay close attention to the visual presentation of products and services in order to entice customers toward purchase. Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition customers can build a custom store in the app to showcase fresh content and drive incremental sales to a captive audience. All Digital Publishing Suite multifolio apps include a Library view allowing readers to scan the publication’s titles and purchase new content. While this has been a fruitful business practice for publishers, Enterprise customers can build custom stores with HTML in order to more accurately reflect the publisher’s brand and promote top-selling titles, ultimately driving folio sales to a fully engaged audience.

What is a custom HTML store?
A custom store built in a Digital Publishing Suite app showcases products, services, and special features available for sale. It is accessed through a “Store” slot in the navigation bar. In contrast with the existing Library view in Digital Publishing Suite, it can be organized to feature and promote top-selling titles or products, influencing reader purchase. The publisher can use the store’s flexible design to incorporate images, typography and layout that provide a richer, branded experience.

Two Condé Nast titles use the same custom store structure, different branding

Several Condé Nast titles have created custom HTML stores in order to merchandise content and drive incremental sales to their readership. Download a copy of WIRED or The New Yorker to fully experience the features. The landing page showcases the most recent issue with a more prominent cover icon and a short description of featured articles. When the reader taps on the cover, he not only sees an enlarged view of the cover, but can also scroll through the table of contents, similar to the selection process at an actual newsstand. Swiping through back issues, the reader can scan the table of contents for each issue and carefully select and purchase relevant content.  The tabs on the top of the store navigate to featured items – such as the WIRED App Guide or The Year in Gear.

New Yorker has the same organization as WIRED, but uses colors, typography, images and content that reflect The New Yorker brand. Whereas WIRED’s customers are drawn in by the latest technology (such as apps or gear), The New Yorker customers are enticed by collections of stories from renowned authors.
Build your own custom store

The article “Build a horizontal swipe storefront with folio preview” provides developers with a template for creating and customizing your own store within a viewer app. This template enables users to swipe horizontally through store pages, view folio previews, and navigate to different sections of the store which can feature different categories of product offerings.

Two views of the custom store template included in the “horizontal swipe storefront” article

Custom Stores in Business Publications
The custom store is not limited to merchandising digital publications. Rather, its capabilities extend beyond content to products and services that readers may be interested in. For example, a fashion retailer may use Digital Publishing Suite to publish a catalogue that contains physical products for sale within the custom store of the app. A membership organization could sell t-shirts and mugs to its members. This streamlines the purchasing process without asking the reader to change gears and leave the app.


  • HTML provides the flexibility required for a custom store. Web pages in the custom slots of the navigation bar can be hosted by the publisher if desired, rather then embedded them in the viewer app. If a publisher needs to revise the price of an issue or feature a timely promotion, hosted HTML allows the designer to modify the content and immediately update the store without requiring the end user to update the viewer app.
  • HTML allows for transactional capabilities, allowing customer to purchase content or physical goods within the app.
  • HTML allows for highly customized visual design and user experience, and also allows existing web assets to be re-purposed.

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Direct Entitlement: Connecting Enterprise Publishers to Their Readers

How can you extend digital versions of your publication to your current print subscribers, maintain a relationship with your readers through your app, and provide them with special offers? The answer is direct entitlement. The Digital Publishing Suite team here at Adobe has developed materials to help you better understand direct entitlement, both what it is and how it works. In his video on direct entitlement, Colin Fleming outlines the challenges and the opportunities of extending digital subscriptions to existing print readers, describes the solution provided by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition, and provides background on how to set up direct entitlement. The whitepaper on direct entitlement goes into detail on the strategic advantage of direct entitlement and provides background information on how it works.

Challenge: Offering Print Subscribers Convenient Access to Digital Issues 

A Comprehensive Subscriber Database Drives Business
As many readers of this blog realize, print subscriptions allow a publisher to develop a database of readers in order to collect information that aids in targeted upselling and cross selling to those readers. Subscriptions also offer publishers a consistent and renewable revenue stream across a 12 to 24 month period. To maintain a subscriber base, publishers go to great lengths to offer benefits to readers such as special editions and free gifts. Maintaining a database of loyal subscribers and knowing one’s reader demographics is essential to attracting advertising dollars and driving revenue through targeted marketing.

Business Limitations of the App Marketplaces
Publishers can use Digital Publishing Suite, Professional and Enterprise Editions, to sell subscriptions through leading application stores. However, selling subscriptions and single issues through app stores carries some limitations. On the business side, device stores only provide the publisher with an email address, and not extensive contact information, limiting the ability to both communicate with customers and build an accurate profile of its readership.  This makes it more difficult to market to the end consumer of the digital issue or subscription over the long term. Publishers have spent many years building up a print subscriber base, and the goal of the Digital Publishing Suite team is to help publishers easily maintain this relationship when transitioning to digital distribution.  Digital strategists at publishing companies are very focused on quickly accelerating digital readership in order to generate digital subscription and advertising revenue. As you know, advertising dollars depend on the accuracy and extensiveness of a reader database.

Consumer Limitations of the App Marketplaces
On the consumer side, an increasing number of print subscribers want to have access to digital content on all their devices.  If a reader has already purchased a print subscription, she does not want to purchase digital issues through the application store on her device.  If she purchases the subscription through the app store, she will not have access to back issues in digital format even if she has the print versions at home. Compounding the problem, if this user has multiple devices, she then needs to purchase a digital subscription through the application stores on each device.  All this leads to massive inconvenience for the print subscriber who simply wants to access digital issues that she has already paid for.  It is also in the publisher’s best interest to ensure that this high value print subscriber can access digital issues in order to keep this customer happy and simultaneously drive readership of digital content.

Solution: Direct Entitlement
Direct entitlement refers to the mechanism that allows publishers, member organizations, or corporations to make specific .folio files available to certain readers based on login credentials. In the case of magazines, it allows publishers to provide digital content to existing subscribers in one click. Business publishers can use direct entitlement to make specific content available to employees or members of an organization based on login credentials. A feature of Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite, direct entitlement strengthens the digital relationship between a publisher and reader by providing the publisher with user data. Digital Publishing Suite integrates with a publisher’s third-party or proprietary fulfillment system to make tablet content available to existing subscribers. The publisher knows which titles the reader subscribes to and the period of time the subscription has lasted. With access to user data, the publisher can provide special offers to each segment of its readership.

How Does It Work?
Adobe Digital Publishing Suite has created an API that works with entitlement services such as CDS Global, Time Customer Service (TCS), or Palm Coast Data (PCD). These subscription services allow publishers to house customer data with minimal coding. When a subscriber goes through a publisher’s website and sets up an ID, the fulfillment server, rather than the application store, houses the user data.

There are three basic stages of direct entitlement: Authentication, Entitlement, and Fulfillment.

  • Authentication occurs when the reader taps on a banner in the viewer library that is designed for existing magazine subscribers. (See “Current Magazine Subscribers: Tap Here for Access” in the Reader’s Digest example below.) This is the “entitlement banner,” which is built with HTML5 and takes the user to an in-app view of the publisher’s web page. In the authentication process, the user creates an ID based on a print or web subscription. Then the user uses this new ID to sign in to the application.

  • Entitlement: A publisher’s entitlement service provides a list of publications that a reader is entitled to, including special editions and back issues. When a user logs into the app, the entitlement service provides this list of publications to the device.
  • Fulfillment: When a user chooses to download a publication, the app requests the publication from the fulfillment service, which is housed on Adobe servers. The fulfillment service confirms the user is entitled to the publication.

Learn More

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