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November 7 Webinar: Measure Mobile App ROI

Join us on November 7 to learn how to quantify the impact of your app in a one-hour webinar session with Adobe and guest speaker Julie Ask from Forrester Research, Inc. In this session, learn best practices on measuring ROI for your tablet or smartphone app, and gain a clearer understanding how to measure impact and ROI for your mobile apps.  Forrester Research will overview strategies to quantify the impact of your app, factors you should look at and more.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn best practices to measure ROI of your mobile or tablet app
  • Discover measurement strategies to quantify app impact – both for internal and external apps
  • Explore case studies from successful companies
  • Gain insight from Forrester Research about key factors to measure and how to weight those costs

Event details:

Thursday, November 7
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET
Duration: 1 hour
Speaker: Julie Ask, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.

Learn more and register for the webinar:
Learn best practices to measure mobile app ROI

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Adobe Digital Publishing Summit (EMEA) 2013: Mobile Is the New Digital Hub

DPS DPS DPS Summit impressions from the London stop, Mark Greenaway, Digital Media Sales at Adobe

From 26 September to 3 October, leaders in the field of digital magazines, newspapers and corporate publications came together during several Digital Publishing Summit (EMEA) events in Hamburg, Stockholm, Paris and London to share successes, best practices, and challenges with their peers. Top Adobe clients in attendance included Top Gear, Daily Mail, Airbus, Renault, Remy Cointreau, Adidas, Sotheby’s, Elle, and Shop Direct as well as representatives from several agencies and publishing partners specialized in digital.

Adobe shared product insights and demonstrations, as well as data analysis pointing to the future of the publishing industry with highly designed content delivered on mobile devices and the web. Nick Bogaty, Senior Director Digital Publishing at Adobe talked about the future of digital publications and how the company is driving platform development to increase digital readership for its clients. One of his predictions: Publishers who are taking advantage of tablets and their possibilities (for example, rich media design) will see this translated into higher number of readers, increase in reader engagement, and last but not least, their advertising income will be on the rise as well. Finally, Bogaty pointed out the great opportunities in digital publishing which lie ahead for corporations either seeking to create higher brand affinity with their customers and prospects or wanting to put out impactful content and communications materials for internal purposes while saving costs at the same time.

Nick Bogaty

Nick Bogaty, Senior Director Digital Publishing at Adobe

DPS Customers Talk about Their Digital Publishing Strategies

Afterwards, Adobe opened the stage so our DPS customers could share their stories with the audience, among them Daily Mail, Sotheby’s Realty International, Remy Cointreau, and Top Gear. From Top Gear, for example, we heard how an iPad edition has enabled them to combine the great editorial content of the magazine, the interactivity of the website, and the top quality video content you associate with the TV show.

Top Gear

Caption: Simon Carrington, Publisher at Top Gear

Jonathan Wall, Group e-Commerce Director at Shop Direct discussed the results the Group is reaping after reinventing its retail business to take into account growing mobile and tablet use amongst its customers.


Jonathan Wall, Group e-Commerce Director at Shop Direct

Advertising Trends: Mobile & Apps – Whatever You Do, Your Strategy Should Include Mobile

Thomas Husson from Forrester Research shared recent survey results about the so-called “Mobile Mind Shift” and talked about best practices of making the most of mobile and apps in the marketing mix and how publishers can exploit this new environment to connect with customers in a more meaningful way. Key takeaway: Whatever you do, your strategy should better include mobile.

Interesting stats (Source: Forrester Research):

  • Number of iOS devices sold: 700 million
  • eBay predicts it will generate 20 billion dollars on its mobile platform by 2014
  • Number of Android devices sold: 1 billion
  • Active users on Facebook per month: 820 million

Thomas Husson

Thomas Husson, VP Principal Analyst Marketing Leaders at Forrester Research  

Key Takeaways

The conversations at this year’s DPS Summit show that publishers are thinking creatively about how to bring their brands or publications to life on leading tablet and smartphone devices and deliver even greater mobile results. Among publishers we see proof of digital business models that work, resulting in higher income from readers and also advertisers. Furthermore, there is increasing focus on innovation and higher investment in successful marketing of a growing variety of digital publishing content.

Watch Highlights from DPS Summit (EMEA) 2013 in London & Paris on Video!

Leaders in digital publishing joined us in London and Paris to discuss their digital publishing strategy, and we are delighted to share a video of their talks here.

DPS Summit in London

DPS Summit in Paris

Official DPS Summit (EMEA) 2013 App & Presentations for Download

Download the official DPS Summit EMEA 2013 app for iPhone & iPad and get access to valuable presentations made at DPS Summit. (Log in: dps, password: summit).

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AMC 2013 Coming to New York City- October 22 and 23


Adobe is proud to sponsor the MPA’s premiere event of the year– The American Magazine Media Conference (AMC). The MPA promises that this year’s event is more important than ever and will bring  together the top minds from publishing editorial, technology and advertising to explore the topics that matter most during these transformational times.

The annual event will surprise, enlighten and challenge preconceptions, while offering up strategies and inspiration to advance our common goals and expand our businesses.

Event Information:
October 23, 2013
New York, NY

Learn more about the MPA AMC 2013 conference here!





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Webinar: Promote Your Mobile App – Join Forrester Research on Sept. 10


Learn how you can increase awareness of your app through effective marketing in a one-hour online seminar with Forrester Research, Inc. Join us and Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, on September 10, 2013 to learn trends and best practices to promote mobile apps and make them discoverable. In this online session, you will also learn how to increase downloads for your app by exploring case studies from successful brands.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn to drive downloads of your mobile or tablet app
  • Discover marketing strategies for app promotion – through your own channels and in mobile app stores
  • Explore case studies to see how successful companies drive downloads
  • Hear about app marketing trends from Forrester Research and ask questions

Webinar Details:

Promote Your Mobile App
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET
Duration: 1 hour

Get the details and RSVP to save your spot here

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House & Home Magazine Wins Canada’s Tablet Magazine of the Year Award

House & Home

We don’t often report on magazines outside of the US, but when one comes along that really gets our attention, we have to spread the word. The Canadian National Magazine Awards Foundation recently announced that Canadian House & Home was the winner the 2012 National Magazine Award for Tablet Magazine of the Year. The foundation specifically highlighted March 2012’s The Color Issue, but every issue of this magazine is interesting, inventive and takes full advantage of the DPS features that enable an immersive, interactive experience.

What the National Magazine Award judges had to say about House & Home: “The tablet edition of this venerable title oozes planning and creativity and is an enhancement not just of a magazine, but a media brand. Well executed, this is way more than a print product in digital form. It’s an excellent melding of medium and message that takes full advantage of its tablet form while enriching the House and Home experience with vibrant colours, immersive options and e-commerce convenience. Bright, gorgeous, immersive, fun, integrated, detailed, thoroughly thought-out.”

Be sure to check out our recent Ad of the Week video that highlights the June 2013 issue of House & Home, sponsored by Buick, that seamlessly weaves editorial and advertising content throughout the app.

Download House & Home

Watch the House & Home Ad of the Week video

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On-demand Webinar: See how Remy Cointreau Accelerates Sales Revenue with Apps



Increasingly, companies and organizations are using apps to communicate with their internal teams, engaging them with the information needed to complete the job. Especially true for sales organizations, apps allow sales representatives to showcase products in one-to-one sales conversations, view price lists and have the information at their fingertips to close the deal.

Learn how spirits distiller Remy Cointreau equips its sales team to drive results with tablet apps produced with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Join us for a one-hour, on-demand webinar to learn from Alexandre Page-Relo, chief information officer of Remy Cointreau USA, and see how mobile apps allow the company to convey product information, interactively and effectively, to prospects and customers.

Read more about the eSeminar, and register to view the on-demand recording


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Catch a Replay of Webinar for Business Media Publishers

Bridget Roman and Colin Fleming from the DPS team recently presented a one-hour seminar to members of the ABM, the Association of Business Information & Media Companies, that focused on reducing production costs and generating revenue with digital magazines. If you are a business publisher who is considering moving from a PDF version of your magazine to a highly engaging, interactive reading experience, but are worried about the added staff, budget and training that might be involved, watch this webinar to learn how you and your existing team can seamlessly get up and running with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. You’ll learn how DPS delivers highly efficient workflows, ensures streamlined production that keeps costs in check and offers extensive in-app marketing tools that will help generate meaningful revenue. Inspirational real-life examples from other business publishers are shared.

Watch the video recap here:

ABM Webinar: Reduce Production Costs and Generate Revenue with Digital Magazines


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Last chance to enter 2013 DPS Awards

Adobe & AdWeek

Last chance to be showcased as a 2013 DPS Awards, presented by Adobe and Adweek candidate and the chance to be featured in Adweek and on! You could also win a trip to New York City for Advertising Week, and many more prizes.

All entries for the DPS Awards are posted on the Talent Gallery, here.

Learn more about the DPS Awards at and don’t miss this last chance to be a candidate. The deadline for posting is July 22, 2013.

Check out the competition, appreciate your peers’ work and get appreciated. We’re seeing more than 150 registrations—including entries from E! Entertainment News, OTL Magazine and Levi’s.

Good luck!

DPS Awards DPS Awards DPS Awards

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Webinar (Aug. 7) – DPS for the Independent Publisher: Getting Started


Independent Publishers: join us for a complementary, one-hour webinar introduction to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite! We invite small to midsize publishers interested in learning more about creating digital magazines to come learn how to grow readership, drive engagement, and create revenue, all while ensuring an efficient workflow and positive ROI.

This webinar will explore case studies from titles including The New Republic, Interweave, Cook’s Illustrated, and more. Additionally, you will learn to:

  • Create and publish apps to leading devices with your existing staff and skills
  • Draw print subscribers to digital editions
  • Deliver custom notifications to your readers
  • Leverage marketing tools to create and deliver a custom experience

Event details:
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

Get the webinar details and registration information here:
DPS for the Independent Publisher

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Digital Publishing Webinar for Business Media Publishers—June 27


If you publish business media titles and are interested in getting started with an interactive digital publishing platform,  join this free webinar given by Adobe and hosted by the ABM that will explain how publishers can seamlessly get up and running with DPS to generate meaningful revenue while ensuring efficient and affordable production costs.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite team will teach you how to:

*   Leverage existing staff and their skill sets
*   Draw print subscribers to digital with direct entitlement
*   Publish to all leading devices without heavy rework
*   Deliver custom notifications to keep readers coming back

The Adobe DPS team will also share real-life examples of how business publishers like GIE Media have successfully achieved this and more.

Learn more and register here: Maximize ROI with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

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DPS at Adobe MAX – 2013

By Teresa Demel

Did you miss the Digital Publishing Suite sessions at Adobe MAX? If so, fear not. Most have been recorded and are live on Adobe TV. The DPS team led a lot of great tutorials on using Digital Publishing Suite, and those recordings are listed at the bottom of this blog post. Send your graphic designers and developers to those links in case they want to learn how to use DPS with step-by-step instructions.

Leaders in digital publishing joined us to discuss their digital publishing strategy, and we are delighted to share a full video of their talks here.

Corporate Publishing Session: Engaging Your Customers and Employees with Mobile Apps

Watch the full length video on Adobe TV.

Melissa Webster, Jose Andrade, Brooke Entsminger, Daniel Riley, and Christian Russo

As we said in last week’s Corporate Publishing Summit recap, brands and businesses are using Digital Publishing Suite in a range of use cases that we hadn’t imagined when the product launched several years ago. The following DPS customers joined moderator Melissa Webster from IDC to share how they use DPS to build apps for their businesses.

  • Jose Andrade from Publicis Life Brands Medicus and Brooke Entsminger from Lung LLC discussed how they use DPS for a medical sales tool.
  • Christian Russo from Sotheby’s International Realty shared their privately published app delivered to their real estate network.
  • Daniel Riley from UCLA School of Management showed us the alumni magazine, which is now only available on iPad.

Corporate Publishing: Key Takeaways

  • Efficiency: The panelists use DPS as an efficient mobile app platform. For pharmaceutical companies, this efficiency allows them to make quick changes for the review committee. For Sotheby’s International Realty, this efficiency allows them to deliver three to four updates per month.
  • Cost savings: UCLA has stopped printing its alumni magazine and only delivers it to alumni via iPad. Publicis and Sotheby’s International Realty have reduced printing costs by providing PDFs that the sales team can print if they choose.
  • Analytics: Understanding app usage helps each of our panelists define the editorial strategy moving forward. Because this app is new to Sotheby’s International realty, the team is looking at the daily use increase and the percentage of network downloads in order to understand its acceptance in the field. Publicis and Lung LLC are looking at the level of interaction between the patient and physician.
  • Marketing Mix: For UCLA, the DPS alumni magazine serves as a piece of the marketing mix, and the content is complemented by other activities conducted by the alumni office. However, Sotheby’s International Realty said that the app IS their marketing mix – in that it is the central means of communication with the field.

Magazine Publishing Session: From Print to Digital Media: Building a Digital Publishing Business

Watch the full length video on Adobe TVMAX
Bill Mickey, Anthony Cerretani, and Meghan Milkowski

Publishing magazines on iPad has become much more mainstream than it was at the 2011 MAX conference. The community of publishers is beginning to set best practices, but the jury is still out on some issues. The following DPS customers joined Bill Mickey from Folio to discuss their digital publishing stories.

  • Anthony Cerretani, Backpacker Magazine
  • Meghan Milkowski, Prometheus Global Media (Billboard, Adweek, Hollywood Reporter)

Magazine Publishing: Key Takeaways

  • Adoption of DPS: Active Interest Media (publisher of Backpacker) initiated a competition a few years ago to see which title could publish onto the iPad first. Evidently, the Backpacker team won. Cerretani’s team continues to push the envelope with our platform. At Prometheus, the creatives were champions of DPS, and because of their enthusiasm for the platform, they were willing to stay up late at night to figure out how to use it.
  • Production: Neither publisher has hired new employees to create the digital magazine. Instead, both have built in efficiencies to deliver the print and digital magazine at the same time. While templates are helpful, both publishers indicated that the mindset of the production team has shifted to include both digital and print.
  • Advertising: Backpacker and Prometheus encourage other publishers to sponsor special editions and magazine launches. Advertisers love being spotlighted in special issues.
  • In-app marketing: Readers love special editions and back issues. Backpacker said that it was worth investing in PDF replicas of back issues since they are popular with existing iPad readers.

Other MAX Videos

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Bonnier’s Dagens Nyheter wins Tablet Publishing Category in 2013 European Digital Media Awards


Dagens Nyheter

With more than 100,000 weekly downloads and 90,000 digital subscribers, the tablet edition of Sweden’s daily newspaper, Bonnier/Dagens Nyheter, has the largest circulation of morning newspapers in Sweden.  We’re excited to announce that the tablet edition, built with Digital Publishing Suite, took home first place in the Tablet Publishing Category at the 2013 Digital Media Awards presented at the Digital Media Europe Conference.

Dagens Nyheter for tablets, like the printed version of the newspaper, features sections like Sports, News, Weather, etc. With slideshows, video, audio clips, and graphics, the tablet publication leveraged Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to captivate readers with fresh and engaging daily content. As a leader in the digital space and early DPS adopter, Dagens Nyheter is the only DPS based morning newspaper distributed to readers across the country.

Exclusive to the tablet edition, the daily newspaper features special issues and stories. Focusing on interactivity to capture readers and allow them to truly experience the story, Dagens Nyheter is able to provide an experience beyond just text on a page. Divided into chapters, they were able to retain the authentic feeling of reading a newspaper, but presented in a digital format.

Congratulations to Bonnier/Dagens Nyheter for first place at the 2013 European Digital Media Awards! Experience the daily stories on your tablet and learn more:

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Corporate Publishers Take Center Stage

By Teresa Demel

Corporate Publishers

Yesterday, we held an event for corporate publishers at the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit in New York City. Marketing executives and creatives gathered at 82 Mercer to share DPS use cases and best practices. The event designed for corporations was as inspirational as Tuesday’s magazine and newspaper publisher event, but the audience walked away with a different set of takeaways. While magazine and newspaper publishers are designing apps based on print publications, corporate publishers are choosing DPS for other reasons:

  • Marketers and agencies can build mobile apps faster with DPS than they can with custom development
  • Print collateral can also be delivered on mobile, elevating the user experience, updating content, and reducing costs
  • DPS apps can be used to repackage an existing collection of sales and marketing content, and push updates to that content quickly
  • Omnichannel Strategy: DPS allows brands to create content once and publish across multiple platforms

The summit represented a wide range of industries, topics and use cases:

  • Sales Enablement: Sotheby’s International Realty, Stryker Orthopaedics, and Adobe
  • Consumer Engagement: JP Morgan Chase, & Renault Captur, & Adobe
  • Agency Advantages: JWT/Casa & Joe Zeff Design
  • Mobile Commerce: The Knot

Mobile Marketing: The End of the Beginning

Jeffrey S. Hammond, Vice President at Forrester, framed the day’s conversation with stats on mobile trends, including audience usage and business usage. In his words, “this is the end of the beginning of the mobile shift,” meaning mobile usage is mainstream. 25% of all U.S. adults are online with more than three devices, and about 50% of U.S. adults carry smartphones. It is no longer a matter of whether to have a mobile strategy, but how. Consumers expect content across multiple devices, and marketers need to have an omnichannel strategy that takes into consideration the rising mobile usage.

At the same time, many companies invested in mobile early (over two years ago) and are facing new challenges. When they first developed their mobile strategies, they had low expectations of maintenance costs, and device proliferation has forced them to write different sets of code for each operating system. The key is to find ways to reduce those maintenance costs.

DPS Apps vs. Custom Development

Custom development allows marketing departments to build mobile apps with an endless amount of complexity. At the same time, a lot of mobile content can be built with Digital Publishing Suite with faster turnaround, lower costs, and a focus on design. Fear not, mobile developers. Designers are not replacing developers with DPS shops. Instead, developers can focus entirely on value added projects such as integrating the company’s CMS into an app. For the following two case studies, the apps are privately published and are not available in the app store.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Stryker Orthopaedics migrated from custom development to DPS for its sales tools. They noted that, with custom development, it was hard to get the design and production team on the same page. DPS puts the design back in the hands of designers. The company reduced printing expenses by 42% and was able to constantly update the content in the app without incurring developer or print expenses.
  • JWT / Casa is an agency that builds DPS apps for many notable clients, including Sony, GM, and Adobe. As an agency, DPS gave the agency a strategic advantage because the team could design and build app prototypes within a matter of days, and ultimately deliver apps for its clients in three to four weeks. Because designers built the app, the content was captivating and professionally designed.

Print Collateral Delivered Digitally

Corporations are re-imagining print and using DPS to elevate the content, save money on print, update content quickly, and drive m-commerce.


  • A few years ago, content delivered by Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) to its sales affiliates was 80% print and 20% digital. Today, the inverse is true. Eighty percent of content used by affiliates is produced with Digital Publishing Suite. While cost savings are good for ROI, SIR focused more on its ability to house all content in one app and frequently update it. As Wendy S. Purvey, CMO of SIR said, “If we had to reprint all the material with all the changes we made [since January release], it would have cost $1 million.”  View the Sotheby’s International Realty App of the Week video to see it in action.
  • JP Morgan Chase produces its “print plus” Letters to Shareholders on DPS. Working with Joe Zeff Design, the investment company was able to build the app from concept to reality in nine weeks. The app has the same written content as the booklet, but includes the richness of photography and illustration, a dynamic news feed from the website, and push notifications to remind readers to return to the app.

The Knot Magazine Ap

  • The Knot magazine, built with DPS, merges the gorgeous layout of print with transactional abilities of mobile. The publication and other media properties are designed to give brides a frictionless shopping experience. Rebecca Dolgin and Carrie S. Reynolds demonstrated the “Tap to Buy” feature, which is available throughout the publication. If a bride sees an item she likes, she can easily open up the web browser, make a purchase in the publication, and return to the browsing and shopping experience.

Aggregate Assets in the App

Notre Dame noted that they had a plethora of marketing assets, such as video and photos, which were either dispersed across their website or unavailable to the public. Using DPS, they were able to aggregate their content within a folio and provide a rich app experience for their fans.

  • Joe Zeff Design created a Gameday app for Notre Dame for the BCS National Championship Football Game. Content was based on its print gameday program, but included other assets such as extra photography and video. Because Notre Dame has fantastic photographers and videographers, they were able to “create an app without recreating anything.”

The advantage of the DPS app is in the packaging. Readers are downloading the app with a specific event in mind, and the interactive content feels more relevant to the user.

Create Content Once – Publish Everywhere

When Renault launched its “Capture the Day” campaign for the Captur, it decided to use Digital Publishing Suite to amplify the campaign. In a little over four weeks, Renault was able to launch the Renault Captur app on iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, and desktop. Renault already had a responsive website, but chose Digital Publishing Suite to deepen users interest with the content through interaction and captivating animations. Watch the Renault Captur app of the week video to see how it uses Digital Publishing Suite to drive reader engagement.


Stay tuned. Soon you will be able to download the Digital Publishing Suite Summit app (built by JWT / Casa) and view slide decks from our presenters. In addition, Adobe TV will soon show video of most presentations from the Digital Publishing Summits.

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Storify Recap from Day 2 at Digital Publishing Suite Summit

What a fantastic second day at Adobe Digital Publishing Summit! Today we heard from Corporate Publishers including:

  • Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Renault
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Stryker Orthopaedics
  • J. Walter Thompson/Casa
  • Forrester Research
  • And many more…

In case you missed out on yesterday’s Traditional Publishing session, get your updates here:

Below is the Storify recap of social media conversation from today’s Corporate Publishing   Summit. Check back soon to see more highlights and recaps from the event.


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Adobe Digital Publishing Summit Recap

By Teresa Demel

DPS Summit

Yesterday, leaders in the digital publication of magazines and newspapers converged at 82 Mercer in New York City to share successes, best practices, and challenges with their peers. Adobe shared some metrics on digital publishing, announced the launch of the Digital Publishing Awards, and then opened the stage so our customers could share their stories with the audience.            

Declan Moore

Declan Moore, National Geographic

Our customers, including independent and global publishers, discussed marketing, advertising, analytics, and content strategies with one another.  While the conversation was varied and broad, I noticed a few key takeaways:

  • Successes: It is obvious that publishers are seeing many forms of success in mobile publishing. At the same time, the industry is in its nascent stages. The victories that publishers are experiencing are hints at what is to come.
  • Marketing: DPS has provided a framework to help publishers drive in-app marketing, and publishers are using the tools in varied and creative ways to drive readership.
  • Advertising: Because interactive advertising in DPS publications is still young, publishers are defining the pricing model and how it differentiates from other types of ad placement.
  • Analytics: Now flooded with data about their publications, each publisher needs to carefully select the metrics about the publication that reflect its goals

Digital Publishing: Defining Success

Top Gear Results

Our publishers shared their successes along many metrics: revenue, readership, retention, and cost savings.

  • Top Gear readers spend more time reading the interactive DPS publication than they did with the PDF replica.
  • National Geographic sees a higher renewal rate (74% – 78%) and a younger demographic in digital than in print, indicating a growing audience from its digital offerings.
  • Martha Stewart also has a younger audience, and it is also more affluent and more satisfied with the platform.
  • Interweave Publishing  is able to publish Sockupied, its digital-only publication for a mere $7,000 per issue, providing lucrative margins in digital.

Marketing Techniques: Driving Digital Readership

Several publishers shared techniques and opportunities for pulling more readers through the purchasing funnel. They are gaining new readers with teaser content using First Issue Free and Free Article Preview. They use the custom storefront to promote content to new readers. For example, Martha Stewart not only promotes issues of the downloaded title, but also uses the custom storefront to promote other MSLO titles and Martha Stewart apps, such as Martha Stewart CraftStudio

Martha Stewart Living

While gaining new readership is important, several publishers stressed the importance of retaining existing readers. According to National Geographic’s Declan Moore and Hearst’s Sharon Bailey Romano, today’s readers expect to see new content constantly streamed into the app, rather than a monthly cadence. Romano reminded publishers to inform subscribers about next month’s issue to entice them to return. In addition, existing readers love back issues of content.

Advertising: What is Next?

The brands and advertisers that have experimented with interactive ads in digital publications have proven that they can reach new creative heights and captivate readers.

  • Adobe VP of Digital Media Danny Winokur showed ads that I have featured in the ad of the week video series, including Jaguar, REI, and Levi’s Made & Crafted. Each ad allows readers to play with the ad, learn about the product, and shop.
  • Wolters Kluwer medical journals allow medical companies to tell a richer story through advertising. In Chantal Kolber’s example, an ad for multiple sclerosis therapy included a before and after video of a woman who had undergone treatment – illustrating the effectiveness of the drug through a compelling story.

In the Advertising panel, Bullett Magazine’s Jack Becht argued that DPS ads are playing in a new space – differentiated from print and online ads. They can easily function as a digital storefront that allows readers to shop, as in the Levi’s Made & Crafted ad.

Interactive Ad Panel

While publishers are happy to embrace digital advertisements, the pricing models are still being defined.

  • Wired charges extra fees based on levels of interactivity.
  • Bullett only accepts interactive advertising in its publication, and the Bullett team operates as a creative studio for brands.
  • Wolters Kluwer bundles all print and digital advertising, and charges more for the standard advertising package.

Analytics: The Data that Matters

As Sean Bumgarner, Design Director for Platforms and Devices at Condé Nast stated, “We have troves of data. The question for editors is what do you want to know, and how do you measure success?” Condé Nast has discovered through its Site Catalyst account that analytics can be used to understand reader behavior and define content and layout strategy. They learned that readers read a publication from front to back, and that audience accumulation closely mirrors print. This indicates that the way readers experience DPS publications is more similar to the print experience, rather than the online experience.

Conde Nast

Regarding content strategy, Golf Digest uses analytics to identify the most popular content and focus its strategy on that content. The “Swing Series” in Golf Digest uses the image sequence feature in DPS to allow readers to view and control a professional golfer’s swing. When Golf Digest realized the popularity of this feature, the publisher spent more time focusing on and highlighting the feature.

This stimulating conversation shows that publishers are thinking creatively about how to use DPS to maintain a progressive business. While there are still debates about advertising rates, measurement tools, and best practices in marketing, all of our customers agreed that it is important to be active in the mobile space to stay on the cutting edge of publishing.

Stay tuned! We will post videos of the Digital Publishing Summit over the next few weeks. In addition, you will soon be able to download the Digital Publishing Summit app from the iTunes store.


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