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The New Yorker to use Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe

The New Yorker, the iconic magazine title from publisher Condé Nast, confirmed today that it will use the Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe to create an engaging magazine experience for tablet devices like the iPad.  This comes as Chuck Townsend, CEO of Condé Nast, notes that the WIRED Reader that was created with this solution has surpassed 90,000 downloads – all in a the period of roughly a month. In today’s New York Times article Townsend indicates that the WIRED Reader has “surpassed our newsstands sales…but
interestingly, has not cannibalized them either.”

Following in the success of WIRED, we’re excited that Condé Nast has chosen our Digital Magazine Solution for The New Yorker to deliver not only an immersive, interactive experience for readers, but also tangible business results.  As Tom Wallace, editorial director at Condé Nast previously stated, “WIRED’s visionary execution of Adobe technology expands the potential
of this new medium for all Condé Nast magazines. Our work with Adobe is
just beginning. We expect to use this technology to deliver more of our
publications over the coming months.”

The Digital Magazine Solution will be available soon on Adobe Labs to help a broad set of publishers to transform InDesign CS5 layouts
into compelling content applications.

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Introducing WIRED Magazine on iPad


Today, we’re excited that the WIRED Reader – a result of collaboration between WIRED magazine and Adobe – is now available for the iPad.  Designed to revolutionize the magazine reading experience, the app allows readers to immerse themselves in magazine content like never before. With engaging, interactive features and a fresh navigational metaphor, the WIRED Reader allows readers to experience a video clip of Toy Story 3 in HD, explore Mars landings through 360º photos, and rotate content in vertical and horizontal modes.  With a design aesthetic similar to print, the digital edition goes several steps further, taking advantage of the tablet form factor and allowing readers to explore magazine content using touch gestures, including a zoomed-out “browse mode” to see the contents of the issue at a glance.

Created with Adobe
InDesign CS5
and additional Adobe publishing technologies, the WIRED Reader is the first in a series of steps for Adobe to enable magazine publishers and retail catalogers to deliver groundbreaking experiences across tablets, smartphones and other devices. By reaching readers in new ways on these emerging devices, publishers can increase circulation (because these new apps count towards audited ABC circulation) and deliver incremental digital revenue.

Together with Creative Suite 5, this Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe allows magazines and retail catalogers to differentiate themselves through expressive content experiences. Previous experiments to bring the magazine experience to the Web via a browser have resulted in a static experience. 
With new reading paradigms like the WIRED Reader, readers are able to experience the design fidelity of a print magazine married with the interactivity of digital.

Along with immersive content, the WIRED Reader also paves the way for increased engagement with brand advertisements. The advertisements in the WIRED Reader encourage readers to interact with each brand, including a slideshow recap of HBO’s True Blood, a 360º rotating CT scanner from GE, and HD video from Intel, Infiniti, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, and Pepsi, among others.  Integrated with the content, these ads keep readers within the magazine experience. With this new digital magazine medium, publishers can expand their ad inventory offerings, offer advertisers exciting new advertising possibilities and establish value for immersive digital ads.

Additionally, because this Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe integrates tightly with Creative Suite 5, publishers can leverage their existing investment and designer skills to create these compelling experiences.  And this reality
is sooner than you think.  During summer 2010, watch for new publishing technology on Adobe Labs that helps publishers to transform InDesign CS5 layouts into compelling applications like the WIRED Reader.  Down the road, we’ll also be integrating analytics from Omniture into our digital magazine solution in order to give publishers increased visibility into how their content is consumed and enable enhanced content and advertising optimization capabilities.

The future of magazines is now – and it starts in a tangible way with the WIRED Reader.

View a video of the WIRED Reader on iPad on Adobe TV

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