Professional Edition of the Digital Publishing Suite Launches

Note: I had been blogging about digital publishing over at my InDesign blog, InDesign Docs. I decided to create a new blog solely for digital publishing, so here we are.

What does it mean that the Professional Edition is launching?

If you’re a prerelease customer creating an app or folios for publishing…

Don’t install or update the tools until you finish your production work. Or at least don’t install the Folio Producer tools on the same computer as the Content Bundler. Installing the Folio Producer tools disables the Content Bundler.

If you’re a DPS subscriber or a prerelease/InDesign user experimenting with tools…

You have a whole new workflow to learn. Here are some resources:

Installing the tools – Go here to learn how to install/uninstall the tools.

What’s new in this release – This help topic provides a quick summary of the new tools. The Overview help topic is another good resource. So is Terry White’s video.

Authoring tutorials – The first tutorial is for people who already know how to use the DPS tools and want to learn the new tools. The next two tutorials walk through the basics.