LiveCycle PolicyServer7: MySQL error 1005 restoring mysqldump of EDC database


 If you are attempting to restore a backup copy (mysqldump) of the EDC database into MySQL, you may encounter a MySQL error 1005.


 This is linked to INNODB and the foreign keys.


 You should follow the steps below to backup and restore the EDC database successfully on JBoss/MySQL:

A/ Backup

To fully backup the current state of a policy server, you need to do the following:

  1. While the APS service is running, export the configuration settings from the UI by going to Configuration -> Manual Configuration -> Export
  2. While the APS service is either running or shut down, backup the login-config.xml from the jboss\server\all\conf directory (and any other JBoss configuration files that you might have manually modified)
  3. While the APS service is shut down, backup the database using mysqldump (from the bin directory in mysql) by issuing the following command on a command prompt: mysqldump –user=root –password edc > backup.sql

B/ Restoration

Assuming that you are restoring on a clean machine, here are the steps you would follow:

  1. Install Policy Server and logon as Admin
  2. Import the APS configuration settings which you saved in step a) above
  3. Shut down the service and edit/restore the jboss\server\all\conf\login-config.xml so that the <application-policyname="UsernamePwd_Auth_Search"> section matches the one you were using previously
  4. Logon to mysql (mysql -u root -p) and issue the following commands:  drop database edc;        create database edc;        grant ALL on edc.* to root@localhost;

Note: The last step shouldn’t really be necessary, as the root user should already have all rights on all databases.  These commands clear the whole database content.

       5. edit the backup.sql which you saved in 3) above, and add the following line at the beginning:

  SET foreign_key_checks=0;

Note: If you don’t do this, you will get error 1005 / errno 150 from mySQL when restoring the table – this is a known issue with foreign_keys and mysqldump, and can be easily addressed with the above line.

       6. run the following command to restore all the SQL data:

     mysql -u root -p edc < backup.sql

This should not give you any error.

7. restart the APS service. Once APS is started, you should be back to the state from the backup, and all the policies should work exactly as before.

After running these exact steps, you should be able to open a PDF with an existing policy even after you have removed the server and its database completely.

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LiveCycle Workbench ES: QPAC properties dialog not appearing for LC7 components


When importing processes from LiveCycle7 into Workbench ES, and clicking on the LiveCycle7 component in Workbench, the properties dialog for that component may not appear. This behaviour can also be observed when attempting to drag one of these LiveCycle7 components onto a new process map in Workbench.


When the LC7 Components in Workbench have not been updated to be compatible with the ES compatibility layer, you will not see the properties dialog. Most QPACs from LC7 need to be updated for use in LC ES, especially to use the new “lc7form” variable, in place of the old LC7 “form” variable type.

This information can be found in the following document:

If you analyse the QPAC JAR file and open the in a text editor, you can check the version. The version of Adobe’s QPACs which are compatible with ES all start with version 8.x for example “AdobeVersion:”. If the version of the QPAC is 7.x, then it has not been updated for use in ES. This applies to the Adobe QPACs only. Other software vendors may not use the same version numbering.


Get a version of the QPAC compatible with the LC ES compatibility layer, and deploy it in the LC7.x Components view in Workbench ES. You will then be able to view and change the properties of the activities in your LC7 imported process maps.

reference: (180802977/2302710)

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