LiveCycle Workbench ES: QPAC properties dialog not appearing for LC7 components


When importing processes from LiveCycle7 into Workbench ES, and clicking on the LiveCycle7 component in Workbench, the properties dialog for that component may not appear. This behaviour can also be observed when attempting to drag one of these LiveCycle7 components onto a new process map in Workbench.


When the LC7 Components in Workbench have not been updated to be compatible with the ES compatibility layer, you will not see the properties dialog. Most QPACs from LC7 need to be updated for use in LC ES, especially to use the new “lc7form” variable, in place of the old LC7 “form” variable type.

This information can be found in the following document:

If you analyse the QPAC JAR file and open the in a text editor, you can check the version. The version of Adobe’s QPACs which are compatible with ES all start with version 8.x for example “AdobeVersion:”. If the version of the QPAC is 7.x, then it has not been updated for use in ES. This applies to the Adobe QPACs only. Other software vendors may not use the same version numbering.


Get a version of the QPAC compatible with the LC ES compatibility layer, and deploy it in the LC7.x Components view in Workbench ES. You will then be able to view and change the properties of the activities in your LC7 imported process maps.

reference: (180802977/2302710)

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