LiveCycleES: ALC-WKS-007-040 error in Workspace trying to open a form


When trying to open a form in Workspace you may receive an error ALC-WKS-007-040, and the form will not be displayed.


This error can occur in many different situations.  You should analyse the server log and see what the cause of the exception is.

Here are some examples where this error can occur:

  1. The form as specified in the render options cannot be found, or the render options are incorrect.  This situation would often be accompanied by the following errors in the log:
    • ALC-FRM-001-058: Cannot retrieve the resource from Repository Path
    • ALC-FRM-001-035: Failed to load TemplateStream for FormQuery=
    • ALC-WKS-005-028: A problem occurred in the Render Service
  2. It is using some cached version of the form, and the cached version is then deleted.  You may see the following errors in the logs in this situation:
    • EJB Exception: : com.adobe.workflow.template.document.TemplateNodeNotFoundException: Template object: A1239961657505 not found.
  3. The root cause in the exception trace is: com.adobe.idp.taskmanager.dsc.client.task.TaskNotFoundException: no task found for task ID = xxxx
  4. “The application has failed to start because omniDynamic411_vc8_rt.dll was not found.” error received in Windows.


Follow the respective solutions related to the situations above:

  1. Verify your render options in the xfaform variable.  Use the parameters as specified in the online help:
  2. Upload the form again to the Resources view in Workbench, or create a new folder, and change the xfaform variable to reference the new form location.
  3. This error can occur in numerous situations following a migration from LC7 to ES.  Solutions can be found under:
  4. Refer to solution in:

Additional Information

If you are upgrading a LC7 process which contains a User QPAC, to ES, there are some manual steps you should follow to be able to make the process work in ES.

You will need to change the lc7form variable to an xfaform variable, remove the init-form, configure endpoints and so on.  You can find a detailed guide to this process under:

reference: (180890414)

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2 Responses to LiveCycleES: ALC-WKS-007-040 error in Workspace trying to open a form

  1. Ashok says:

    If the issue is due the Render service ALC-WKS-005-028.
    how can we resolve this issue.
    why would such issue arise, is it because the render service expiered.
    This happened in my case in the QA environment first and then in the Production Environment.
    No I am left clueless to solve this issue.
    Kindly help me.

    Regards –
    Ashok D

    • dmcmahon says:

      If you are receiving error code ALC-WKS-005-028 then it is most likely a problem in your configuration of the Render Service. You should ensure that you are using the Render Service as specified in the documentation and that all provided parameters are correct. Ensure also that all resources (form, data etc…) are all still in the expected locations. Perhaps someone has moved one of the required resources in the repository

      If you still cannot locate the problem, create a simple process with just a call to the render service and test your parameters. There are some Quickstart guides in the documentation for rendering forms in various formats. You could use these as a reference for how to set it up correctly. Once you get the simple process working, you can add it into your original process again.