Acrobat 8 SDK: docPrintParamsRec variable limited to 64 characters


If you are using the Acrobat SDK to control the print functionality in Acrobat/Reader, or to write a custom print plugin, you will need to use the function: AVDocPrintPagesWithParams(avDoc, &docPrintParamsRec);

The length of the input parameters in docPrintParamsRec, e.g. the printer names, are limited to 64 characters, or 32 Unicode characters. Windows however supports up to 240 characters for printer names.
Printing to a printer with a name longer than 64 characters, will not give an error message, the document will just not print.


This is a limitation in the Acrobat SDK as it still uses short printer names.  In the Acrobat standard printer dialog, there is no limitation as the dialog uses internal methods which have already been extended for long printer name support.


The Acrobat 9 SDK will resolve this issue and add support for long printer names.

Additional Information

Please refer to the following link for the declaration of the AVDocPrintPagesWithParams function (pg: 1713):

it is discussed again here:

reference: (180009702/1673603)

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