LiveCycle ES: troubleshoot POP/SMTP email servers

Troubleshoot SMTP server

If you are having problems connecting/using an SMTP server with LiveCycle, you should manually check that you can indeed connect and send e-mails by issuing the following set of commands on the server you want to connect from.

In this example, assuming you want to troubleshoot the connection to the SMTP server from a Windows server, you would issue the following from a command prompt:

cmd> telnet 25   
220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.13.3/8.13.3; Fri, 3 Mar 2006 17:22:29 GMT  
250 Hello [<ip address>], pleased to meet you  
mail from:  
250 2.1.0; Sender ok  
rcpt to:  
250 2.1.5; Recipient ok  
354 Enter mail, end with '.' on a line by itself  
Text of the message .  
250 2.0.0 k23HMTO3006628 Message accepted for delivery  
221 2.0.0 closing connection 
Connection to host lost.  

Preferably you should attempt to use the same e-mail addresses for the sender and recipients as the one that are meant to be used by your application.  If any of the operations above fail, it means that the problem is NOT with your application, but with the SMTP server itself.  If it works, then you should try the same from a remote host, to see if your issue might have to do with a firewall or some network issue.

If you don’t get any errors when doing these 2 operations, then it means that your server is properly set to send email, so now you can switch to troubleshooting POP.

Troubleshoot POP server

 The POP3 manual commands are almost as easy as the SMTP commands. To check your mail with POP:

cmd> telnet 110
user <some_valid_user>
pass <user_password>

Each of these commands should return “+OK”.  The “stat” command should also return 2 numbers indicating the number of new messages received, and messages left on the server.

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