LiveCycle ES: ALC-PDG-001-001 Invocation error.


 If you are using the API for PDFG ES to convert documents to PDF on a localized operating system as outlined in the documentation, you may encounter the following error message:

"Error OCCURRED: ALC-PDG-001-001 Invocation error."

It may also say that the Job settings cannot be found, or are invalid.  Conversion through the PDFG web interface works successfully.

You may be using code similar to:

HtmlToPdfResult result = new HtmlToPdfResult();
result = new GeneratePdfServiceClient(factory).htmlToPDF(
    "No Security",


The names of the settings files for file type (“Standard”), and security settings (“No Security”) as mentioned in the documentation, may have been localized, which explains why the server cannot find the files at run time.


 Use the localized names for these settings files in your code.  You can check the names for these settings files in the AdminUI > Services > LiveCycle PDFG ES > File Type Settings.

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