LiveCycle ES: values in a LC7 SetValue expression are being lost after a process upgrade


 After upgrading a process from 7.x to 8.2 in workbench, the value expressions that existed in the 7.x SetValue activity no longer exist and appear as blank assignments in the 8.2 SetValue activity.


7.x SetValue Settings:

/process_data/myXMLVar = '<node>value</node>'

/process_data/myStringVar2 = 'test string'

/process_data/myXMLVar3 = '<node>value</node>'

8.2 SetValue Settings (post upgrade):

/process_data/myXMLVar = ''

/process_data/myStringVar2 = 'test string'

/process_data/myXMLVar3 = '<node>value</node>'

The upgrade appears to be removing XML based strings (unless escaped).


 This is a bug in LC and is caused by the loss of XML data encoding:

– encoded XML attribute values are read from the input process action template and decoded during read by Xerces

– decoded values are rewritten as XML elements (not attribute values) and never re-encoded.

– the subsequent symptom is that the unencoded XML data is (rightly) interpreted by an XML parser, but should have been interpreted as text data.


 This issue will be fixed in Workbench ES2.  There is a patch available for LC ES, so contact enterprise support if you require this patch.

reference: (181109986/2403113)

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