LiveCycle: data variable values lost for migrated LC7 process containing branches


If you have a process created using LiveCycle 7.x that has been migrated into LiveCycle ES, and it contains branches, you notice that data variables lose their values when moving from one branch to the next.

Consider this example:


The example shows two branches, each containing a User activity, which assigns a task to a user’s queue with a form merged with data. Different data is set for each user in the first step in each branch. Therefore User1 opens a form in Workspace and expects to see <BRANCH 1 DATA>; User2 expects to see <BRANCH 2 DATA>.

Note the following variables for this process:

There are separate variables for each branch. However, when the process is run and the flow reaches the first User activity in branch1, it overwrites the data in branch2 (in the branch2_form), which means that both users see <BRANCH 1 DATA> in the form at run time.


This issue has been fixed in ES SP4 (, ES3 (10) and later versions.  If you require a patch for this issue for LiveCycle ES 8.2.1. contact Enterprise Support.

reference: (181371341/2528237)

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