LiveCycle ES: start_task=0 in TB_TASK table in LiveCycle database

When you develop a custom interface for an upgraded Adobe LiveCycle ES server, you can encounter problems referencing initial tasks for a process. Initial tasks must correctly show the audit history for processes in your custom interface, much the same as Workspace displays them in the tracking view.

In the TB_TASK table in the database, a start_task flag set to “1” appears for initial tasks from a process started through the TaskManager endpoint. However, for some initial tasks, this flag is set to “0.”


This behavior is as designed. Start_task is an ES concept that doesn’t come into play when anything from LiveCycle 7 is involved.  Any tasks migrated from LiveCycle 7, and any tasks started in Workspace with a LiveCycle 7 init-form definition in use, have a start_task value of “0.”

To determine whether a task is an initial task in all cases, locate the task that doesn’t have an action instance. That is, one where the action_instance_id=null or zero. If the process instance ID has a value, but the action instance ID doesn’t, then it’s an initial task.

reference: (181494242)

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