LiveCycle ES: TaskPermissionsException using TaskManager.getTaskInfo()


When you use the LiveCycle ES APIs to access tasks through the TaskManager.getTaskInfo() method, LiveCycle may return the following error:

TaskPermissionsException User: A50D7ECD-15F5-6B60-9619-44F68536EC32 does have access to get the data for the task: 560701.

You may be using code similar to the following when trying to access the tasks:

TaskManager taskManager = TaskManagerClientFactory.getTaskManager(connectionFactory.getAlcServerConnection());

TaskInfo taskInfo = taskManager.getTaskInfo(new Long(taskId)); 

If you do not have the right permissions for the user context running this code, then you will receive the exception above.


To execute this method with a user other than the super administrator, manually add the Workflow Process Administrator Role to that user. You can add this role to the user account in the adminui (Home > Settings > User Management > Role Management).

reference: (181498712)

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