LiveCycle ES: Performance of AdminUI stalled operations and branches list is slow


 If you are using the Administration UI for Process Management and particularly the stalled operations/branches views in LiveCycle ES 8.2.1, you may notice it takes a long time to return the list of stalled items, particularly if there are many pages to be returned.  In some environments a delay of up to 1 minute can be observed which would be unacceptable for a production environment where the IT team need to be able to react quickly to any stalled instances in production.

This issue has been reported mainly with Oracle databases.


 The following SQL statements will add indexes to the appropriate tables in the LiveCycle database which will greatly improve the performance of these AdminUI views:

CREATE INDEX status_idx ON tb_action_instance(status);
CREATE INDEX sub_status_idx ON  tb_branch_instance(sub_status);

These indexes need to be created manually in ES (8.x) and ES2 (9.x) as they cannot be applied through ServicePacks.  The issue is fixed in ADEP (ES3).

reference: (181470980/2570677)

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