LiveCycle ES: NullPointerException importing a process XML into Workbench


 If you are using Workbench 8.2.1 to import a process XML, you may encounter the following error:

at com.adobe.workflow.eclipse.editors.WorkflowEditor.createPartControl(
at org.eclipse.ui.part.MultiPageEditorPart.addPage(
at org.eclipse.ui.part.MultiPageEditorPart.addPage(
at com.adobe.workflow.eclipse.editors.WorkflowMultiPageEditor.createMainBranchPage(
at com.adobe.workflow.eclipse.editors.WorkflowMultiPageEditor.createMainBranchPage(
at com.adobe.workflow.eclipse.editors.WorkflowMultiPageEditor.createPages(
at org.eclipse.ui.part.MultiPageEditorPart.createPartControl(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorReference.createPartHelper(


This error occurs when the process XML is corrupted, and in particular, when there are negative coordinates in the positioning of objects. Each object on a process/orchestration map has x- and y-coordinates to position it on the canvas. These coordinates must be positive values to appear on the canvas.  If any of these values are negative, then the object is positioned off the canvas and isn’t editable in Workbench.

This issue has been fixed in later versions of Workbench.


There is a patch for Workbench that produces a better error message to show the user exactly what objects have issues in the process XML. You can then edit the process XML in a text editor and replace the negative value (for example, =”-12″) with a positive value (for example, =”12″).  This edit allows the process to be imported without errors.

reference: (181599834/2630027)

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