LiveCycle ES: warning in server log when passivating document


A Form Guide stitches a PDF from multiple XDP fragments and then returns the PDF to the process in LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 or 9. When you submit this Form Guide, a warning appears in the server log:

[12/18/09 15:34:08:003 EST] 0000015a SystemOut
 O XDP form1.xdp,form2.xdp,form3.xdp,form4.xdp,form5.xdp,form6.xdp
[12/18/09 15:34:08:004 EST] 0000015a SystemOut O OPS form1.xdp
[12/18/09 15:34:08:234 EST] 0000015a AdobeCacheImp W com.adobe.repository.cache.AdobeCacheImpl put Document error while passivating document [<document state=”passive” senderVersion=”3″ persistent=”false” senderPersistent=”false” passivated=”true” senderPassivated=”true” deserialized=”true” senderHostId=”″ callbackId=”0″ senderCallbackId=”4228″ callbackRef=”com.adobe.idp._IDocumentCallbackStub:


This warning is an informational message from the repository cache and can be ignored. In the ADEP platform (ES3) Adobe will downgrade this warning to an INFO or FINE level message, so it doesn’t appear in the logs.

reference: (181308950/2523516)

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