LiveCycle ES2: ALC-PDG-001-026 – transaction timeout settings not respected for watched folders


When you use watched folders with PDFG ES2 SP1 and increase the timeout, the process still times out after the default 600 seconds. This problem will occur even if you have increased the Application Server transaction timeout, the socket timeout, or JTA timeout in jboss-server.xml, or the timeout settings on the PDFConfigService, and ConvertPDFService.

This problem can be seen with the following log extract:

2010-08-09 08:36:50,485 INFO [com.adobe.pdfg.BMCCaller] ALC-PDG-001-026 133MB File.pdf: Time of Job Execution: 635,047 ms for job = 133MBFile.pdf3f45fc-272597-26ad04-89f5d7-039852-037534

2010-08-09 08:36:50,485 ERROR [com.adobe.pdfg.GeneratePDFImpl] ALC-PDG-001-000
ALC-PDG-010-010-The conversion has timed out.

2010-08-09 08:36:50,485 ERROR [com.adobe.idp.jobmanager.execution.workadapter.PersistentExecutableJob] 
PeristentExecutableJob:execute():Attempting to fail job. Reason:


This is a bug in PDFG ES2 SP1.  Update to LiveCycle ES2 SP2 or later. You can also contact Enterprise Support if you require a patch for LiveCycle ES2 SP1

reference: (181707812/2686855)


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