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LiveCycle7: javax.mail.MessagingException: 554 Mail from [] rejected for policy reasons


 If you are using the mail/notification functionality in LiveCycle 7, you may find that the mails are never received by the intended recipient.  If you look in the adminui you may find the action has stalled with the following error:

"javax.mail.MessagingException: 554 Mail from <> rejected for policy reasons"


 This is caused by a lack of privileges to use the SMTP mail server in your organisation.


Consult your IT department and request permission for the Lc Server to use the SMTP mail server to send email notifications.

reference: (1-28762420)

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LiveCycle Workbench ES2: duplicate body tags when saving a form with floating fields


When using LiveCycle Designer 9 through LiveCycle Workbench 9 to create and modify XDP templates with static text and floating fields, you may notice that saving the form in this situation creates duplicate <body> nodes in the XML source.

There is an issue with the integration between Workbench and Designer and the auto-checkout functionality when saving changes to a file.


This issue will be addressed in a future release. Currently there is a quick fix available for LiveCycle ES2 SP2. Contact Adobe Enterprise Support to obtain this quick fix.

As a workaround you use the Save button on the Designer toolbar, rather than the File>Save menu item.

Additional information

 This issue can be reproduced using the following steps:

  1. Open Workbench 9.5.
  2. Create new application.
  3. Right-click new application and create new form in Workbench, click Finish.
  4. Add a static text object.
  5. Menu: Insert->Floating field.
  6. Save and close XDP.
  7. Checkin form in Workbench.
  8. Double-click form in WB to open in Designer.
  9. Delete some chars from static text label.
  10. Click on File menu (yes to checkout).
  11. Then view XML.


Duplicate <body> node in the static text field object.

This behaviour means that only the first node, with the old text label, will be used when the form is rendered, and shown in Designer design view.  It also produces an “Invalid append operation” error in the server log, and in Designer log.

reference: (181920824/2777586)

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Acrobat/Reader: how to disable the AIR installer from the installation

The standard Adobe Acrobat and Reader installer, which are available for download on, and the installer for Adobe Reader MUI, include AIR. (There are separate installers for Acrobat and Reader that don’t install AIR, see

  • The AIR-Installer is included automatically and starts in a separate process after the Reader MSI is installed.  If the installation of any subsequent MSP patches starts too quickly after the MSI installation, then you receive an error as the AIR installer starts.  You can work around this with a short delay in your installation routine between the MSI and MSP installers.
  • The AIR installation remains on the machine even after Reader is uninstalled and has to be removed separately. (There is no option to disable it.)
  • After AIR is installed, it requires an automatic update to be installed from the internet.  Machines that do not have internet access cannot get this update.


If you don’t want to install AIR, you have two options to disable the AIR installer from the Adobe Reader installation package:

  • Using the msiexec parameter “DISABLE_AIR_SHARE=YES”  For example: msiexec /i Acroread.msi /qb DISABLE_AIR_SHARE=YES
  • Using Customization Wizard/Orca, you can modify the installation package itself and remove the reference to AIR. (Only for experienced users)

Additional information

reference: (181680791/2671995)

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Acrobat/Reader: “There was a problem reading this document (131)”


When you try to view a document in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, you receive the error, “There was a problem reading this document (131).“.  This error will occur when you used LiveCycle ReaderExtensions to apply usage rights to PDF documents with the Full Save option activated.

Sometimes, the following message precedes the error above:

An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem.


Disable the Full Save option in the ReaderExtensions tool, and apply the rights again. Disabling this option enables the incremental save feature in the PDF. The incremental save feature will increase the file size and allows Acrobat or Reader perform the save operation faster, without the file becoming corrupted. If you aren’t using the web interface, but use the API to apply rights, you can activate the incremental save using the PDFUtilitySaveMode object. For more information, see

Additional information

Adobe plans to resolve the problem with the Full Save in ReaderExtensions in a future release.  There is a patch available for LiveCycle ES2 SP2, so if you require this patch, contact Enterprise Support.

reference: (181996532/2785898)

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LiveCycle Designer: flowed layout in header/footer subforms incorrect


When you use flowed subforms that repeat on pagination (that is, after pages break), some fields in the subform are rendered on top of other fields.  This can occur in all versions of Acrobat/Reader and LiveCycle.


You cannot use a flowed layout for subforms that are set up to repeat on pagination, as header or footers to pages.  The objects in the subform aren’t positioned correctly after the page-break and overlapping can occur.

Use a positioned layout for these subforms, rather than a flowed layout. You can change the layout of the subform in LiveCycle Designer. Select the subform, and then choose the Layout tab from the object panel on the lower right.

Additional information

Extract from the XFA Specification 3.1 (Page 277):

“Flowing Layout for Containers…

Error Condition: Inappropriate Layout Strategy:

Flowing layout applied to a subform that is a leader or trailer or is contained within a leader or trailer subform (because the leader or trailer size is fixed).”

reference: (181804954/2724676)

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