LiveCycle ES2: PDF form state not maintained after converting to PDF/a


 After converting a PDF file to PDF/A using LiveCycle ES2 you may notice that the form state has not been maintained for unsigned files.  This can manifest itself in that form objects (fields, buttons, subforms etc…) which were hidden in the original PDF file, are now visible in the resulting PDF/A file.

The form state is always maintained for signed files.


 This is an issue in LiveCycle ES2 (, and  This issue will be addressed in ES2 SP3 and the new ADEP platform.  There are patches available for ES2 SP1 and SP2, so contact enterprise support if you require one of these patches.

Additional information

 We have added a new flag to the PDFOutputOptionsSpec used during the PDF to PDF/A conversion called “retainFormState“.  This flag must be set in the API parameters, or using the new option in the Workbench UI, to retain the form state on the resulting PDF/A file.

Here is the existing javadoc for PDFOutputOptionsSpec:

reference: (182219821/2818751)

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