Acrobat/Reader: how to disable the “Reading Untagged Document” dialog


When you open a PDF document in Acrobat/Reader you may encounter the following dialog:

You may want to disable this dialog from appearing as it can effect your productivity if it appears for every document you open.


Accessibility tools like screen readers are used to read the contents of PDF files displayed in Acrobat/Reader.  Screen readers rely on the documents tags to read the contents of the document.  This dialog appears when Acrobat/Reader detects that screen reader software is installed and informs the user that the document has no tags (and therefore cannot be read by any screen reader).  The dialog is used to then create tags for the document so that it is accessible.

Windows itself has screen readers installed by default in certain versions and these may be activated causing this dialog to appear.  We have also received reports that other non-Accessibility software and device drivers cause this dialog to appear, as the software and drivers incorrectly use some system flags usually reserved for Accessibility tools.


We are working with Accessibility software vendors to find a more reliable way of registering such software to ensure Adobe Acrobat/Reader correctly detect it.  The goal is to avoid Accessibility functionality being launched in Acrobat/Reader due to the mis-use of the system flags by non-Accessibility software.

In the meantime you can use one of the workarounds below to avoid this issue.


You can prevent this dialog from appearing in a number of different ways:

1. Always use the default settings and create tags for the document

In this case you should just select the option “Always use the settings from the Reading preferences (Do not show this dialog again)”.  The options defined in the Acrobat/Reader Preferences under the Reading section will be used to create tags for each PDF file (that do not already contain tags) opened in Acrobat/Reader.

2. Disable the confirmation dialog in the Preferences

You can also disable this “Readung untagged document” dialog in the Reading Preferences by un-checking the option Edit > Preferences > Reading > “Confirm before tagging documents”.  This option writes the following registry key which could also be used for enterprise deployments:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\9.0\Accessibility]


You can also disable the Accessibility Setup-Assistant dialog using the following registry key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\9.0\Accessibility]


3.Remove the Accessibility plugins from Acrobat/Reader

If you do not require any accessibility features in Acrobat/Reader and you have not been successful disabling the dialog using the methods above, then you can always close Acrobat/Reader and remove the Accessibility.api and ReadOutLoud.api from the plugins folder.  You should keep a copy of these plugins in another folder as a backup.  When you restart Acrobat/Reader it should no longer display this dialog.

reference: (182470670/1877982)

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