CQ5.4: How to display a confirmation dialog when activating pages


If you are using CQ5.x you will notice that there is a confirmation dialog for deleting/deactivating pages in the WCM console.  No such confirmation dialog is presented when you activate a page.  In some projects it may be a requirement to present such a confirmation dialog for activation also.


You will have to overlay:
Create the same folder structure in apps and then copy the SiteAdmin.Actions.js node from libs to the same folder in apps. This will ensure the jcr:content node under the JS file is also copied.

Then edit the SiteAdmin.Actions.js from apps.  You should replace the CQ.wcm.SiteAdmin.activatePage function with the lines (435-520) from this SiteAdmin.Actions.js file.


Ideally you should not not completely overlay the siteadmin.Actions.js as you might run into problems when a SP brings a new SiteAdmin.Actions.js with it. Instead just overlay the function you want to change.  Use the clientlib approach and create a new JS file, attach it to the same clientlib as the SiteAdmin.Actions.js and redefine the function you want to change in that new JS file.

reference: (35823)

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