Acrobat: “Insufficient data for an image” error after updating to 10.1.4 or 9.5.2


If you have updated Adobe Acrobat/Reader to the current version 10.1.4 or 9.5.2 then you may encounter the following error when opening some PDF files:

“Insufficient data for an image”

The PDF will open, but the contents may appear blurred, or not display at all.


This error occurs due to a problem in the Adobe Acrobat/Reader functionality used to display scanned documents and/or documents containing JP2K images.


This issue has been fixed with the latest version of Reader XI now available (  We are actively working on a solution for previous versions and expect to have a fix available for Adobe Acrobat/Reader 10.1.x and 9.5.x in Q1 2013.
Update (08 Jan 2013): this issue has now been fixed in the latest updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9.5.3 and 10.1.5 available from the Adobe site:
Reader updates
Acrobat updates


Changing the zoom settings should allow you to see the contents of the document.  Try reducing the Zoom factor, or click the button to “Fit one full page to window”.

You can make this change persistent (to avoid changing for every document) in Edit > Preferences > Page Display > Zoom > Fit Page.

You can also try saving the PDF again in Acrobat using the PDF Optimizer to optimize the PDF file using Standard settings, or the Reduced Size PDF option.

For those looking to roll-back to a previous version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader to avoid this problem, you can find archived versions here:

Further Information

This issue is being discussed in detail in the following forum threads:

reference: (3312912/3312904)

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26 Responses to Acrobat: “Insufficient data for an image” error after updating to 10.1.4 or 9.5.2

  1. Arturo Galindo says:

    While this fixes viewing the pdf, I get a printing error when I try to print the pdf.

  2. Greg says:

    When dealing with this problem in our office, we determined that the problem was restricted to Acrobat 9.5.2. Reinstalling Reader 10.1.4 resulted in Reader having priority for opening PDFs in Firefox (which it did not before, regardless of changing other settings), and eliminated the problem which was only present when opening the files in Acrobat.

  3. Steven says:

    As a temporary fix in 9.5.2, I tried “Document/ Reduce File Size” (compatible with Acrobat 8 or above) which worked for me.


    • Arturo Galindo says:

      Steven, doing this allows us to view the document but we get an error when trying to print it. Can you print?

  4. David says:

    Rolled back to 9.4 – no issues. Any news on 10.1.4 fix?

    • Dan says:

      How do you roll back to an earlier version? This has completely broken the program as far as I am concerned. I have thousands of pages of pdf documents I need to access and this problem makes them useless.

      • dmcmahon says:

        Simply changing the zoom factor usually allows you to see the page contents. If you want to roll back, you will need to uninstall the application and re-install.

        Our engineers are working on a solution for this problem, and I will update the post as soon as we have news.

  5. Dmitriy says:

    Hi everybody
    Zooming is not the treat. Image still blurry.
    The worst thing – all our customer who updated to version of Acrobat Reader (and there are major banks and title, and escrow companies), could not read our scans from PaperPort or Adobe Acrobat 9.5.2 starting from last week.
    We are in huge trouble…
    Any estimate of new version will be issued?

  6. Barry Fisher says:

    This is pretty serious, I’ll have to find 9.4 and or the last version of 10.

  7. rick says:

    yes, this is very big, need fix asap.. is best solution to uninstall adobe products and then reinstall ealier version?? office shut down on docs to review because of this.

    what it the version we should go back to ? adobe 9.4 ?

  8. De says:

    This is a real shame. I rely on scanned documents as my record-keeping scheme. I hope that these scanned documents will return to normal after the fix since I don’t have the original documents. My way of saving our resources!

  9. Dmitriy says:

    Hi everybody
    Is it any news on patch or update? still distribute the same reader version.

  10. Earl says:

    I can’t read any pdfs at this time. Has a solution been posted?

    Does anyone know where to find a version of 9 that works?

  11. Dmitriy says:

    Thanks for link, but I cannot advise to all institutions to whom I send files, to downgrade their Acrobat reader in order to read my correspondence. It’s should be done by Adobe!

  12. James McLaren says:

    Causes me grief too: I have a 10000-plus page run of part of the 1911 Census that I need to print for a project, all currently as individual jp2 files. I reckoned importing these files into 100-page runs (one per enumeration district) would make life a lot easier. Please get a fix out!

  13. Jeff Paine says:

    Please can you up date me on the problem in the Adobe Acrobat/reader containing JP2K Images, as to when a fix will be available to Adobe 10.1.4. Or what is the “Hotfix?

    Yours Jeff Paine

    • dmcmahon says:

      If you require an urgent solution to this issue you should open a ticket with the support team and request a hotfix.

  14. Dmitriy says:

    Bug report submitted by me and, I think, by many people too. Is it not enough?
    Three weeks after it’s happened and no fix yet!

  15. Dmitriy says:

    To dmcmahon
    Do you know that Adobe officially not support free Adobe Reader application?
    I was told that by Technical support supervisor when I called them on August, 27.
    They refused to open ticket on Reader and on Adobe Acrobat 9.5.2(I have Standard Edition) because both are not supported by Adobe. For Acrobat 9.5.2 they just support help how to upgrade to Acrobat 10.
    And yes, I “require an urgent solution to this issue”

  16. Alex says:

    I agree, 3 weeks and no solution. C’mon, Adobe! Get this done already, please.

  17. Anna says:

    Yes, I’m having this problem as well with files for clients, and need printing abilities to be fixed! Will keep checking this blog post for an update.

  18. dmcmahon says:

    Acrobat engineering would like to inform users facing this issue that the latest Reader XI release (available for download from fixes this problem. Users are requested to download the latest version at the earliest to avoid encountering this error going forward. As mentioned earlier, the team is working actively towards fixing the problem in earlier versions (10.x and 9.x) as well and expects to deliver a solution by Q1 2013.

  19. Curtis Schlunz, Sr. says:

    If you are Using Acrobat Version 9:

    1. click on “Document” at the top and then select “Optimize Scanned PDF”
    2. Click “OK” on the next screen
    3. Save Document

    Close and re-open the document and error should no longer occur.

  20. dmcmahon says:

    This issue has now been fixed in the latest updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9.5.3 and 10.1.5 available from the Adobe site:
    Reader updates
    Acrobat updates