CQ5: ClearableComboBox widget renders with 0px width and causes text-clipping


If you are using a ClearableComboBox widget on the second tab of a dialog, the widget is rendered with 0px width after selecting a value, which means the value is hidden/clipped.

-Install attached package into a CQ instance, it’s a modified dialog for the text component
-Open /content/geometrixx/en.html and drag a text component to the parsys
-Open the dialog for the text component
-Click on the tab “Bug Test” and select a value from the Combobox “ClearableComboBox”
-Important: Click on the tab “Text” to move away from the “Bug Test” tab
-Close the dialog with OK and open it again (usually just switching between tabs also shows the issue)
-Click on the tab “Bug Test”

Result: ClearableComboBox is rendered with no width, so value is not visible

Expected: ClearableComboBox to be rendered correctly so value is visible (ComboBox works fine)

Using the ClearableComboBox widget on the 1st tab in the dialog, works fine.


You must add a new property hideMode to the dialog tab (not the combobox) in your custom text component, and set it’s value to offsets.  See the following screenshot for more details.


With this property set, the combobox width is maintained even when the dialog tab/panel is not visible.

reference: (43540/CQ5-29349)

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