CQ5.5 SP1: Inserting variables in newsletters doesn’t work in Chrome


If you are using Chrome with CQ5.5 SP1 and attempting to insert variables into newsletters as detailed below, you may notice that the variables are not inserted as expected.

1. Open Chrome and go to http://localhost:4502/content/campaigns/geometrixx/monthly_newsletter.emailclient.html
2. Double click on a text component to open the Edit component window.
3. Click on insert to insert a variable, for example ‘Firstname’.

Result: The variable isn’t inserted, and Chrome logs a javascript error: “Uncaught error: Index size error: DOM Exception 1”.


This issue is fixed in CQ5.5 SP2.1.  Chrome is only supported in CQ5.5 SP2.1 and later versions, as we made many changes to offer Chrome support in these versions.


The procedure above works fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

reference: (44087/CQ5-16244)

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