CQ5.5: Activated images in publisher are displayed as pending in DAM search results


If you are activating images in DAM, and then searching for those images in DAM search as detailed below, you may notice that the image activation status appears as “pending” in the search results.

  1. Open DAM
  2. Navigate to a folder with images (example: /content/dam/geometrixx/banners)
  3. Activate all the images.
  4. Ensure that the image status is published.
  5. Switch to DAM search.
  6. Enter a search string (example: .png)

Result: The activated images appear as pending for activation.



This is an issue in CQ5.5 and has been resolved in AEM 5.6 and later versions.


Upgrade to AEM 5.6.

reference: (43813/CQ5-23686)

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