Adobe LiveCycle resources

This page is provided to consolidate all the tools and resources you may need to install/develop/troubleshoot Adobe LiveCycle.

1. Documentation

Adobe LiveCycle documentation: (7.2.2) (8.0/ES) (8.2/ES update 1) (9.0/ES2) (10.0/ADEP) (10.0.2/ES3)

LiveCycle Quick Fixes:

A quick overview of the features of LiveCycle:

2. Development

LiveCycle developer resources and samples:

LiveCycle Designer resources and tips:

Acrobat SDK documentation:

LiveCycle product blog:

LiveCycle Technical articles and samples:

3. Troubleshooting

Baretail (used to follow log files automatically):

LDAP browser:

Adobe Support knowledgebase:

ProcessMonitor tool from Sysinternals (used to analyze windows processes and applications):

HTTP debugging tools (when PDF files need to communicate with a server):

SoapUI WebService debugging tool (when PDF files rely on webservice calls):

WireShark Network debugging tool:

Notepad++ (text editor with advanced functionality):

Adobe enterprise support policies and contract details:


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