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Workspace ES: Error 500: Null input provided: Accepted-Language null


 If you are trying to access Workspace in the internet browser you may receive the following error:

An error occurred determining the locale.

Error 500: Null input provided: Accepted-Language null

This may be accompanied by the following exception in the server.log:

[2/5/08 16:35:59:984 EST] 0000003f WebApp E [Servlet Error]-[determine-locale]: 
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Null input provided: Accept-Language null
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponseWrapper.addHeader(
at com.adobe.workspace.users.DetermineLocale.doGet(


 The workspace client code uses the browser language settings to control the locale.  Unfortunately, on the client there is no way to ask the browser for that setting.  So as a workaround, the HTML wrapper requests the determine-locale servlet from the server.  The determine-locale servlet simply returns the Accept-Language header that the browser sent.  So the string returned by determine-locale completely depends on the settings and capabilities of the client you hit that servlet from.  In this case, the browser should be sending the ‘Accept-Language’ headers so either the browser did not send this information, or it was stripped along the way.


 This has been fixed in Lc ES 8.2.1, to correctly handle the situtation where no ‘Accept-Language’ information is received from the browser/server.

reference: (1708975)

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