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LiveCycle Output ES2: “Failure to automatically determine column ‘5’ width”


If you are using LiveCycle Output to generate PDF documents using XDP files as input, you may encounter the following exception and no PDF will be returned:

0000012a XMLFormAgentW E com.adobe.livecycle.formsservice.logging.FormsLogger logMessage
ALC-OUT-002-017: mid,tid: 29435,23593162.1 sev: f text: Failure to automatically determine column '8' width.
0000012a FormServerExc E com.adobe.livecycle.formsservice.logging.FormsLogger logMessage
ALC-OUT-002-013: XMLFormFactory, PAexecute failure: "(com.adobe.document.xmlform.ReturnStatus@39133913)
Failure to automatically determine column '5' width."

If you load the same XDP file in Designer ES2 and goto PDF Preview, you may notice the same message as a warning in the log, but the PDF will be correctly rendered and displayed:

Failure to automatically determine column '5' width


This exception is occurring because of a problem in the Form design.  If you have a table in your form design with, let’s say 4 columns, you should check this table to ensure you don’t have a row with more than 4 fields defined.  This can occur especially when you have created the field objects first, and then converted a whole collection of objects into a table later on.  The extra (5th) field, can exist in a 4-column table if it has a width of “0”.

Here is an sample form to demonstrate the problem: support_test

Cell5 in Row1 is the extra field causing the problem in this case.


Simply delete the extra field as it is not visible anyway due to the “0” width.

In future LiveCycle versions we will make changes in Output to return the PDF, and only show this message as a warning in the server log.  This will match the behaviour in Designer ES2 and Forms.

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