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LiveCycle Forms ES: text-overlapping on page break using nested subforms


If you are using LiveCycle Forms ES to render complex XFA forms as PDF and the forms contain subforms/tables which can split over multiple pages, you may notice some text-overlapping following a page break as follows:


You can use some processing instructions in the XDP template to control how the page break affects the field content.  There are 2 processing instructions that can be used in this case to fix the text-overlapping issue, so that the contents no longer overlap the field boundaries:

<?layout allowDissonantSplits 1?>
<?layout allowJaggedRowSplits 1?>

You should add these PI’s to your XDP templates only if you are encountering the issue described above.  You can test these PI’s in LiveCycle Designer ES by using the PDF Preview tab.

By adding these PI’s the text-overlapping is resolved and appears as follows on the rendered PDF form:

reference: (182616383/2959283)

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