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Acrobat/Reader: Invalid ColorSpace error opening a PDF


 When you try to view a PDF file in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, you see the following error:

“There was an error processing a page. Invalid ColorSpace.”

Try opening other PDF files in the same way and compare the results.  This problem only occurs for certain PDF files.


This error usually occurs viewing PDF files in the browser when there is a problem with the PDF file itself, particularly for PDF files generated with third-party applications or tools.  It will not prevent you from opening the file, but rather, some pages will not be visible.


If you are attempting to open the file through a browser (that is, from an Internet site), try to download the file to your local computer. Then, open it locally using Adobe Acrobat or Reader.  Check the file properties and see if a non-Adobe application was used to create the PDF file.

Here are some suggestions that have resolved the problem for other users:

  • If a non-Adobe application was used, then try using an Adobe application to generate the PDF file again.
  • If it is not possible to re-generate the PDF with an Adobe application, then try to resave it, and/or use the PDF Optimizer tool in Acrobat.  This will often fix any obvious syntax errors in the PDF.
  • If you used an Adobe application other than Acrobat to create the PDF file, ensure you have flattened all layers in the original file before creating the PDF, and check the colorspace settings you have used when exporting the PDF file.  For example, it is not valid to have a DeviceN color space with a colorant value “All”.  You can find details in the PDF Reference Manual (
  • If you have uploaded the file to a website using FTP, ensure you have transferred the file in binary mode.
  • You can try to disable the “Allow Fast Web View” option in the Internet preferences in Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

reference: (182325862)

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