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CQ 5.4: how to export the user list as a CSV file


If you are using CQ 5.4 you will notice that the user report is displayed in the browser and you cannot save/export any of the information in this list.

You can view the user report from the “Tools” console in CQ5.  Select “Reports” in the left-hand pane, then double-click the user report in the right-hand pane to open it for viewing and/or configuration.


It is possible to export the user report as CSV content. You can do this in 3 steps.

  1. Overlay the /libs/cq/reporting/components/reportpage/ component to /apps/cq/reporting/components/reportpage/.
    For detailed instructions on how to overlay a component watch the following video:
  2. In /apps/cq/reporting/components/reportpage/body.jsp replace the <body> section with the code in body_code.txt and save the changes.
  3. Navigate to the user report again and now you will see a link at the top to “Export” the content as CSV formatted text. This export function has different behaviour depending on the browser version.

Note: it is important to overlay the reportpage component in “apps”, rather than editing the file in “libs”, as libs is overwritten anytime you install a hotfix or a product update from Adobe, and therefore your changes are lost.  It is a best practice to overlay components to apps, and then you always have a backup of the original component in libs.

reference: (32200)

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