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CQ5.5: ‘uu’ is undefined javascript error in widgets.js


If you add a datetime or datefield Widget to a component dialog (e.g. /apps/geometrixx/components/title/dialog/items) in CQ5.5, you may encounter a javascript error on the page when you open the dialog, enter a date and submit it.  Your other changes in the dialog will not be displayed (e.g. the updated title will not displayed).

The javascript error says “uu is not defined” .

This is caused by an error in the JS code in
/libs/cq/ui/widgets/source/undo/UndoHistory.js (line 921).
There is an undefined variable “uu” used here.


This is a bug in CQ5.5 and will be fixed in a future release.


A workaround would be to add a definition for “var uu = CQ.undo.util.UndoUtils;” before that variable is called.

1. create an overlay of /libs/cq/ui/widgets/source/undo/UndoHistory.js to /apps/cq/ui/widgets/source/undo/UndoHistory.js
2. open /apps/cq/ui/widgets/source/undo/UndoHistory.js
3. goto line 921
4. paste the following code into line 921:

var uu =CQ.undo.util.UndoUtils;
5. line 922 should now have:

var dateValue =uu.parseDate(originalValue);
6. save the file

reference: (33913/CQ5-17726)

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