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CQ5.4: how to force a delay between workflow steps


If you are using workflows in Adobe CQ5.4 you may wish to have a customized delay between certain workflow steps.  It is possible to cause a delay using the timeout functionality which has pre-defined values (immediate, 1h, 2h, 6h etc…), and then select the Auto Advance timeout handler to move the workflow to the next step.

In some cases you may also want to define your own delay intervals rather than use the pre-defined values.  This is possible in CQ5.4 by creating an overlay of:




and then you can make a copy of one of the existing nodes (1h, 2h etc…), and change the values to suit your needs.  The value should be in seconds and not milliseconds.

This new value will then appear in the workflow step configuration dialog, under the list of timeout values, and the step will timeout after the specified interval.

reference: (37175)

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