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Acrobat/Reader 10.1.2: printer blinking/paper tray messages caused by duplex print option


If you are using Acrobat/Reader 10.1.2 to print PDF documents, you may notice that the job is sent to the printer as a duplex job (print on both sides) and this may cause some issues like printer lights blinking, or errors about lack of paper in the paper trays.


With Acrobat/Reader 10.1.2 we have introduced the widely used print option “Print on both sides of paper” directly in the Acrobat/Reader print dialog.  This option is available in the printer settings, but it is not very convenient to have to open the printer settings and change it each time you wish to print differently (simplex/duplex).

This option in the Adobe print dialog is enabled by default, whereas the initial value should match what the user has specified in the printer properties.  This option can lead to the printing anomalies mentioned above.


This is a bug in Acrobat/Reader 10.1.2 and has been fixed in the 10.1.3 update so that the option has the same initial value as defined in the printer settings, and the printing anomalies should no longer occur.

1. Open Acrobat or Reader.

2. Choose Help > Check for Updates.

Acrobat or Reader will install the update automatically.


There are 3 options to workaround this issue.


To workaround this behaviour in the meantime simply disable this option in the Adobe print dialog.

Option 2

In an enterprise environment, you can use the following registry key to disable duplex mode automatically in Adobe Reader X:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\10.0\AVGeneral]


or for Adobe Acrobat X:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\10.0\AVGeneral]


For MacOS use the preferences file (com.adobe.Reader.plist / com.adobe.Acrobat.Pro.plist) which is located in [user]/Library/preferences/.  The name of the key is DuplexMode under AVGeneral and it has the datatype Number. You should set this value to “1”, for Simplex.

Option 3 (courtesy of the post from banyooo on

If you are in a Windows domain controlled environment you can also roll out this registry key using a group policy as follows:

  1. Open your Windows Group Policy Editor
  2. Chose “New Group Policy”
  3. Ggo to UserConfiguration >Settings >Windows Settings >Registry
  4. Right click “Registry”
  5. Chose “New-> Registry assistent”, local computer
  6. Go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\10.0\AVGeneral] “iDuplexMode”=dword:00000002
  7. Click “finish”
  8. Double-click that new entry and navigate down until you see “iDuplexMode”
  9. Double-click it too, and change the REG_DWORD value to “1” (decimal)
  10. Chose “Replace” under the “Action” menu
  11. Close the GPO editor and link that newly created group policy to your domain or OU or whatever
  12. Perform a gpupdate /force at the client to see the reg entry changing from “2” to “1”
  13. Reboot your clients or just wait for the gpupdate timeout period

reference: (3088596)

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LiveCycle Designer: Render a trailing page in a form for duplex printing

When you use duplex printing (that is, printing on both sides of the paper), you can print a separate blank trailing page. To print a trailing page, the last page must always have an odd page number (that is, page 1, 3, 5, 7, and so on). When the last page is odd, it prints on a new sheet of paper separate from the rest of the form.

Render a trailing page in LiveCycle Designer 7.x

LiveCycle Designer 7.1 includes a script for rendering a trailing page.

To make sure that the last page has an odd page number, do the following:

  1. insert a blank hidden body page in the form just before the page you want to use as a trailing page.
  2. insert the following script in the layout:ready event of the form to show/hide the blank page at run-time:
var pageCount = xfa.layout.pageCount();

if(pageCount%2 == 0) {
    //even, show the blank page to shift the trailing page down to an odd page number
} else {
    //odd, hide the blank page as the trailing page is already on an odd page number

Note: The layout event ensures that the trailing page always falls on an odd number, even if the end user alters the form contents. Such alterations cause the layout:ready event to run and adjust the page numbers accordingly.

Rendering a trailing page in LiveCycle Designer ES

LiveCycle Designer ES includes functionality in the Master Pages to handle duplex printing.

  1. Add Master Pages for odd/even numbers, for the last page, and for the blank page.
  2. Using the Printing option in the Master Pages page set, set up the form for duplex printing.
  3. For the odd/even Master Pages, choose the appropriate option in the Master Page >Pagination tab under Odd/Even.
  4. For the last page, choose the Last Page option in the Master Page > Pagination tab under Placement.
  5. For the blank page, choose the Blank Pages option in the Master Page > Pagination tab under Odd/Even.
  6. For the body page that occurs just before the trailing page, choose Go To Even Page in the After settings under the Pagination tab.

Sample files

Here are some sample file showing the solutions as outlined above for Designer 7.1 and ES.  I have included some test data files also to test the solutions with different page numbers.  You can import the data files into the XDP templates using Designer to test the solutions.


reference: (181512630)

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