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LiveCycle ES: duplicate events being received on JBoss clustered installation


 If you are using a JBoss clustered installation of LiveCycle ES2 to handle batches of events, you may notice that some events are received twice, (i.e. 10 events thrown, 12 events received).


 This can occur if the JBoss cluster is not configured correctly.  In the cluster settings (i.e. run.bat for JBoss) it is important to give each node in the cluster a unique server name using the “Adobeidp.serverName” parameter.  For example, Adobeidp.serverName=server1 for the first node in the cluster, and Adobeidp.serverName=server2 for the second node and so on…

Additional information

 When you give the two servers in a cluster the same name, you wind up with a workmanager on each server that has the same name. Work items get assigned to a specific workmanager, but since they both have the same name it becomes a race to see which one picks up the work item first. In some specific timing cases both will pick up the work item at the same time and process it, which is the reason for the duplication of events.

reference: (182264450)

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