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LiveCycle Designer: flowed layout in header/footer subforms incorrect


When you use flowed subforms that repeat on pagination (that is, after pages break), some fields in the subform are rendered on top of other fields.  This can occur in all versions of Acrobat/Reader and LiveCycle.


You cannot use a flowed layout for subforms that are set up to repeat on pagination, as header or footers to pages.  The objects in the subform aren’t positioned correctly after the page-break and overlapping can occur.

Use a positioned layout for these subforms, rather than a flowed layout. You can change the layout of the subform in LiveCycle Designer. Select the subform, and then choose the Layout tab from the object panel on the lower right.

Additional information

Extract from the XFA Specification 3.1 (Page 277):

“Flowing Layout for Containers…

Error Condition: Inappropriate Layout Strategy:

Flowing layout applied to a subform that is a leader or trailer or is contained within a leader or trailer subform (because the leader or trailer size is fixed).”

reference: (181804954/2724676)

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