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LiveCycle ES2: PDF file size bloat using FormDataIntegration importData method


When you export data with the exportData method of the FormDataIntegration Service, and then import the data using importData, the PDF file size increases dramatically.  This problem does not occur if you use the import and export options in Acrobat, or use LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 SP3.


This is a bug in LiveCycle ES2 SP1.  Update to LiveCycle ES2 SP2 or later.  You can also contact Enterprise Support if you require a patch for LiveCycle ES2 SP1

reference: (181664835/2660679)

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LiveCycle ES2: “ImportFormDataException: ALC-FDI-001-305” importing data to a PDF


The following exception occurs when you use FormDataIntegration to merge xml data into a prerendered PDF file:

ALC-FDI-001-305: Operation aborted: Malformed input PDF or data.


When a PDF form contains a rich-text enabled field with data (default or already merged), the FormDataIntegrationClient can’t import the data. This issue has been identified as a limitation in the AFML library as it presently does not support the tab-interval style attribute.

In the current LiveCycle ES2 documentation, it states that the FormDataIntegrationClient is the preferred way to import data to a PDF form:

Adobe Engineering confirms that the Forms service using renderPDFForm is the recommended way to import data, rather than using the FormDataIntegrationClient. Adobe plans to update the documentation to reflect this information.


Do one of the following:

  • Place the text in rich-text fields that do not have the tab-interval style attribute.
  • Use the renderPDFForm API from Forms ES2 by setting “Generate Server Appearances” to false.

reference: (181504595/2591446)

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