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LiveCycle ES2: barcode visible in PDF file converted to Postscript


When you use the ConvertPDFService toPS2() operation to convert PDF documents to Postscript in LiveCycle ES2, barcodes are appearing in the PostScript file which were hidden in the original PDF. This issue can occur especially if you used the legacyToSimplePSFlag to convert static documents directly, without flattening them first.


This issue is a bug in LiveCycle ES2 SP1 and SP2 and has been resolved in a patch.  Contact Enterprise Support if you require this patch for ES2 SP1 or SP2.  Adobe plans to fix this issue in the ES2 SP3, later versions.

You need to set GenerateServerAppearances=true to in the Form render settings when rendering the PDF forms and use the legacyToSimplePSFlag in the PSOptionsSpec for the Postscript conversion to work.

Additional information

 The problem only occurs for pre-generated PDF files which are then merged with XML data on the server side.  The document flow is as follows:

  1. XDP template gets rendered to PDF.
  2. The PDF can then be merged with data on the server, filled and signed by the user.
  3. The PDF is converted to PostScript.

In the input PDF, the barcode value is empty and hidden as expected. When the PDF is converted to Postscript with ES2 SP1, the barcode gets assigned a default value of “123456789…” Therefore, the barcode becomes visible on the resulting PostScript file.  The Postscript file from LC7 works correctly and the barcode remains hidden.

reference: (181754483/2702011)

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