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LiveCycle ES2: repeated messages from org.hibernate.util.NamingHelper in WebSphere log


If you are working with LiveCycle ES2 on WebSphere, you may notice the following informational message repeating every few milliseconds in the WebSphere SystemOut.log:

00000051 NamingHelper  I org.hibernate.util.NamingHelper getInitialContext JNDI InitialContext properties:{}

This message will repeat so often that it will fill up the log file which makes it very hard to find actual error or warning messages.


This message is benign and can be ignored.


To prevent this message filling up your log file you can disable it in the WebSphere console:

  1. In the WebSphere navigation tree, click Servers > Server Types > Websphere application servers.
  2. Click an application server listed in the right pane.
  3. Click Troubleshooting > Change Log Level Details.
  4. Click Runtime tab.
  5. Under General Properties, enable Save runtime changes to configuration as well.
  6. In the Components list, navigate to the org.hibernate.* package. Click the package and select and click Message and Trace Levels. Select warning from the popped up list.
  7. Click Apply

reference: (182822947/2995147)

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