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LiveCycle ES: how to retrieve a list of groups and roles on your server


 You may have a requirement to provide a full breakdown of all Users/Groups/Roles for your installation of Adobe LiveCycle ES. It is possible to find out this information using the AdminUI, however this would take a lot of effort and time to perform all the necessary searches and manually compile the information returned.  The other option would be to run an SQL query on the database to read the information directly from the DB tables.


 The following are 2 SQL queries to:

Query 1: Identify all Users in each Group

select epea.commonname as GROUP_NAME,
epeb.commonname as USER_NAME
from lcesprd.edcprincipalentity epea,
lcesprd.edcprincipalentity epeb,
lcesprd.edcprincipalgroupentity epg,
lcesprd.edcprincipalgrpctmntenti epgc
where = epg.refprincipalid
and = epgc.refparentprincipalid
and = epgc.refchildprincipalid
and epea.status = 'CURRENT'
and epeb.status = 'CURRENT'
and epea.principaltype ='GROUP'
and epeb.principaltype ='USER'
order by GROUP_NAME

Query 2: Identify all Roles assigned to each Group

select epea.commonname as ROLE_NAME,
epeb.commonname as GROUP_NAME
from lcesprd.edcprincipalentity epea,
lcesprd.edcprincipalentity epeb,
lcesprd.edcprincipalroleentity epre
where = epre.refroleid
and = epre.refprincipalid
and epeb.principaltype ='GROUP' -- (Note: can change this value to 'USER')
order by ROLE_NAME
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LiveCycle ES: Workspace Group queue does not refresh automatically to show new tasks


If you are using group queues in Workspace ES you may notice that new tasks assigned to one of your group queues are not showing up automatically.  The user queues always refresh and show the new tasks automatically, but the group queues do not.


This issue has been fixed in ES and later versions.  A patch is available to fix this issue in LiveCycle Contact support if you require this patch, to ensure that it is compatible with your environment.

Additional information

If the patch does not fix the issue, check the server log for JGroups messages for more information about the possible root cause.

Also check the Global Workspace admin settings:

in LiveCycle Administration Console, click Services > LiveCycle Workspace ES > Global Administration. Under Export global settings, click Export.

Check the properties defined under server_remoteevents_JChannelConnectionProperties.  These are the connection properties for JGroups that are used to communicate between the server (on which a service event is processed by the RemoteEvent service) and all instances of Workspace ES.

If necessary, change the UDP values for the multicast IP address (mcast_addr), the multicast IP port (mcast_port), and the TTL for the multicast packets (ip_ttl). By default, the multicast IP address and port values are randomly generated and, generally, the values do not need to be changed. However, if your company has any network policies in regard to specific multicast ranges for multicast IP addresses, you sometimes need to change these values.

Note: The TTL must be greater than the number of network switches between the servers in the cluster.  However, if the value is set too high, it can cause multicast packets to travel into subnets, where they are discarded.

Do not change the remaining properties.

reference: (181372259/2542619)

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