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CQ5.5: Wrong default values displayed in forms with IE8


If you add show/hide rules on a Form (Dropdownlist or Radio Group) and set initial values as detailed below, the wrong default values are displayed on a publish instance in IE8.

1.) Create a new form
2.) Add two DDL components to the form
3.) Add three values (elema, elemb, elemc, …) to each DDL
4.) Set title=’Title 2′ and initial value to ‘elemb’ for 2nd DDL
5.) Set title=’Title 1′ and the initial value to ‘elema’ for 1st DDL
6.) Add the following rule (check ‘show/hide’) to Title 1: Show Title 1 if all of the following are met: Title 2 is equal to elemb
7.) Goto Preview, or Activate the page and call it on publish instance, or call it on author instance with param ‘wcmmode=disabled’

In IE 8, Title 1 is not shown (that is wrong), Title 2 displays elemc (that is wrong). If you change Title 2=elemb, then Title 1 does become visible, but with default value elemc (that is wrong).

elema is shown as default value in the first DDL and elemb in second one.


This seems to be related to a problem in IE8.

The problem does not occur in Chrome (tested with version 27), Firefox (tested with version 19) or IE9.

reference: (43824/CQ5-29485)

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