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Acrobat/Reader: how to disable the AIR installer from the installation

The standard Adobe Acrobat and Reader installer, which are available for download on, and the installer for Adobe Reader MUI, include AIR. (There are separate installers for Acrobat and Reader that don’t install AIR, see

  • The AIR-Installer is included automatically and starts in a separate process after the Reader MSI is installed.  If the installation of any subsequent MSP patches starts too quickly after the MSI installation, then you receive an error as the AIR installer starts.  You can work around this with a short delay in your installation routine between the MSI and MSP installers.
  • The AIR installation remains on the machine even after Reader is uninstalled and has to be removed separately. (There is no option to disable it.)
  • After AIR is installed, it requires an automatic update to be installed from the internet.  Machines that do not have internet access cannot get this update.


If you don’t want to install AIR, you have two options to disable the AIR installer from the Adobe Reader installation package:

  • Using the msiexec parameter “DISABLE_AIR_SHARE=YES”  For example: msiexec /i Acroread.msi /qb DISABLE_AIR_SHARE=YES
  • Using Customization Wizard/Orca, you can modify the installation package itself and remove the reference to AIR. (Only for experienced users)

Additional information

reference: (181680791/2671995)

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Acrobat/Reader: how to disable the Setup Files folder during installation

When Reader or Acrobat is installed, it creates a Setup Files folder:

  • Reader: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Setup Files\…
  • Acrobat: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Setup Files\…

This folder is used as an installer cache containing the actual installer file. The installer file is used to repair the Reader or Acrobat installation. However, some companies keep the installer available on a network share, and therefore do not want the installer cache created, as it takes up space.

You can disable this folder during installation by using the Adobe Customization wizard to transform the standard MSI installer file.  Disable the option “Enable Caching of installer files on local hard drive” under Installation Options.

To download and get more information on the Customization wizard, visit this link:

reference: (181025487)

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