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LiveCycle ES: Command Line Interface (CLI) for installer and LCM language settings


 The CLI tool for the LiveCycle installer and Configuration Manager is only supported in English.  You may notice errors in the output if you use the tool in any other language.  Some of the variables for host names may not be resolved in the localized output, or accented characters may not be displayed correctly as in the following screenshots:



It is possible to change the language for the LCM graphical user interface by changing the locale in Regional Settings, or by changing the LCM.lang property in the file found under:

[LiveCycleES root]/configurationManager/config/

Changing the language for the command-line interface however is not supported as it only works in English.


Ensure that you run the CLI tool on a machine with English regional settings, and change the LCM_lang property value to “en” in the LCM properties files found under: [LiveCycleES root]/configurationManager/config

Additional Information

Note: If you use the GUI version of LiveCycle Configuration Manager, and then chose to use the CLI version, you can use the property file created by the GUI version as the template for the CLI version property file.  When you run the [LiveCycleES root]/configurationManager/bin/ConfigurationManager.bat file, the file is created in the [LiveCycleES root]/configurationManager/config directory. You can use this file as input for the LiveCycle Configuration Manager CLI.

You can find further information and a parameter appendix for the CLI tools in the installation guides for each platform:

reference: (181022950)

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LiveCycle Designer: Unable to initialize ACE interface


 If you are working with Designer on terminal server, you may experience intermittent problems starting the Designer client, such as the following error:

Unable to initialize ACE interface


Designer 6 or 7 are not supported on Terminal Server.  Designer versions 8 and later are supported on terminal server.

There is an ACE.dll in the designer product folder, which is the Adobe Colour Engine.


 As a workaround, you can copy the ace.dll from the Reader/Acrobat installation folder, and overwrite the one in the Designer folder.  Make a backup of the Designer ACE.dll first.  This has been known to resolve the issue for some customers.

reference: (1-16374929)

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