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LiveCycle ES: Change Workspace AMF Polling interval


If you are using LiveCycle Workspace ES you will notice that it is polling the LC server every few seconds for updates. You can see the polling frequency by using a web logging tool like Fiddler2 and analyzing the logs for the entries related to “messagebroker/amfpolling”.

The polling is used to update the user and group queues with task information. Each Workspace client polls the server with this frequency, which may start to affect the performance. In this case, the polling interval can be changed, especially if you are using task assignment e-mails, which makes the automatic updates in Workspace less critical.


The polling interval in Workspace uses the default value defined by the AMFChannel. Unfortunately, it is not possible to build a patch to expose this property or to set it to a fixed value. Doing so would mean creating a customized version of Workspace for one customer and maintaining this version separately from the standard Workspace for all other customers.

A better solution is to allow you to control this property in your own Workspace version. This can be achieved through a small modification of the Workspace source, which would be applied when you are customizing your Workspace client.

In the createChannelSet() method defined in lc.core.Manager, the AMFChannel is created as follows:

var channel:AMFChannel = new channelClass(channelId, channelUrl);

You can add the following line just below that to set the pollingInterval to whatever value works best:

Channel.pollingInterval = xxxx;

Note: The xxxx value is in milliseconds (ms).

Additional Information

In Workspace ES3, the polling interval can be configured via the Workspace Global Administration.   Customizing Workspace is no longer required.

Just export the global settings file under Services > Workspace > Global Administration > Export Global Settings, change the value of


…, save the file, and re-import it.  Restart the application server.

reference: (181438652/2555685)

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