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LiveCycle: JBoss stopped logging in server.log

If you have installed LiveCycle in a JBoss application server the server activity will normally be logged in:


If the JBoss log is no longer logging activity you should check the following:

1. Log4J

The jboss-log4j.xml file is located in <JBOSS_HOME>\server\lc_turnkey\conf and controls logging in JBoss.  If there is any problem with this file then logging may stop working.  You can download this file (jboss-log4j-working) from a fresh LiveCycle installation on JBoss and replace the original (make a backup first).  Restart JBoss after swapping the log4j file and logging should switch to the server1.log file.

2. User account

If you are starting JBoss using a Windows service ensure that the user account used for the service has administrative privileges.  See the installation documentation for further requirements such as disabling UAC on Windows.

reference: (183305796)

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