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LiveCycle ES: ALC-LCM-999-022 error running LCM on a localized OS


 If you are attempting to install LC ES on an Italian operating system, you may receive the following error trying to run LiveCycle Configuration Manager:

Error [ALC-LCM-999-022]

Failed on 'Stopping JBoss Service JBoss for Adobe LiveCycle ES v8.0'

Service shutdown failed for: JBoss for Adobe LiveCycle ES v8.0


 Installation on a localized OS is supported as long as it is one of the supported OS versions, however, localized operating systems have not been tested and you may encounter issues.


 Install on an English operating system if possible.  If you only have a localized OS, then proceed with the installation and report any issues to Adobe support.  We can provide patches as necessary to get LiveCycle running on the localized OS you are using.

reference: (1-48812420/1625939)

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