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LiveCycle Designer ES2: Multiple pages imported to a single Master Page causing overlap


If you are importing a multi-page PDF into LiveCycle Designer ES2 to create a form using the “…Flowable Layout > Place Content In > Master Pages” method you may notice that the content of the pages are placed in a single Master page causing overlap.


This is an issue in LiveCycle Designer ES2 and has been addressed in later versions, including Designer ES3.  If you require a quickfix for this issue in LiveCycle Designer 9 you should contact the enterprise support team.

reference: (183629724/3337453)

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CQ5: new page/site buttons disabled in WCM siteadmin


If you are using WCM siteadmin and wish to create a new page/site using the available buttons, they may appear disabled so that you are unable to click on them.  Firstly, you should check your permissions for these actions and/or check with an administrator or admin account.  If these problems persist it may be related to an issue in your repository structure.


These buttons can also be disabled if there is an invalid Page node in the /content tree.  A cq:Page node must have a child named jcr:content of type cq:PageContent, otherwise it is invalid and can lead to this issue.  The root /content node is not of type cq:Page and therefore does not require a jcr:content child of type cq:PageContent, but every other Page node below /content should have this structure.

It seems that if the invalid node is a top-level page/site in the content tree (e.g. /content/geometrixx) then it will affect the site actions for all other top-level nodes, and other nodes in that specific tree.
If the invalid node is a sub node (e.g. /content/geometrixx/en/services), then it seems to only affect the site actions for that level in that tree.

Such invalid nodes can appear in the tree if they were created outside of WCM (i.e. using CRXDE, or Content Explorer), or by importing a package containing such invalid nodes.


Check your content tree for such invalid page nodes, and repair the nodes as required, by creating a jcr:content child node of type cq:PageContent.

reference: (37890)

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CQ5.5: Members of administrators group not able to unlock pages from other users


Only the user who locked the page, or the “admin” user, can unlock it.  Members of the administrators group, apart from the “admin” user, cannot unlock pages which were locked by other users.

The documentation ( states:

You can only unlock locked pages if you locked the page or if you have administrator privileges.

This may be misleading, as it is not sufficient to have administrator privileges (i.e. general members of the administrators group).  Only the “admin” account has the correct privileges.

How to unlock a page

It is possible to unlock a page using the sidekick in WCM, or using Content Explorer.

1. Using the sidekick

Log into CQ as the user who locked the page or the “admin” user.

Open the page that is currently locked in the WCM Websites panel.

In the sidekick, select the Page tab and then “Unlock Page”.

2. Using Content Explorer (http://<server>:<port>/crx/explorer)

Browse the tree to the locked page.

Right-click on the jcr:content node below the locked page.

Select “Unlock” from the context menu.

reference: (35128/CQ5-18339)

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LiveCycle Forms ES: text-overlapping on page break using nested subforms


If you are using LiveCycle Forms ES to render complex XFA forms as PDF and the forms contain subforms/tables which can split over multiple pages, you may notice some text-overlapping following a page break as follows:


You can use some processing instructions in the XDP template to control how the page break affects the field content.  There are 2 processing instructions that can be used in this case to fix the text-overlapping issue, so that the contents no longer overlap the field boundaries:

<?layout allowDissonantSplits 1?>
<?layout allowJaggedRowSplits 1?>

You should add these PI’s to your XDP templates only if you are encountering the issue described above.  You can test these PI’s in LiveCycle Designer ES by using the PDF Preview tab.

By adding these PI’s the text-overlapping is resolved and appears as follows on the rendered PDF form:

reference: (182616383/2959283)

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