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LiveCycle ES2: errors after updating to WebSphere 6.1 Fixpack 35 (


 If you are running LiveCycle ES2 on WebSphere and you update to WAS FP35 ( you may notice some random errors in the server logs such as:

com.adobe.livecycle.docconverter.client.ValidationException: ALC-CVT-S00-003: Error while validating PDF/A conformance of a document: docConverter.pdf
 at com.adobe.livecycle.docconverter.DocConverterServiceImpl.isPDFA(
 at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
 at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
 at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
 at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
Caused by: com.adobe.internal.pdfm.pdfa.PDFAServiceException: PDFM_I27002: PDF/A Validation was unable to release document 
"{SharedPDFMDocHandle name=docConverter.pdf ID=270667810 getStore={SharedStore name=docConverter.pdf ID=637281788 (faux clone of 1810918384) 
idp=<document state="passive" senderVersion="3" persistent="false" senderPersistent="false" passivated="true" senderPassivated="false" deserialized="true" 
senderHostId="" callbackId="0" senderCallbackId="16" 
00000050005020102bdbdbd0000001f0000000400bd0003000000200000000400bd0001000000250000000400bd0003" isLocalizable="true" isTransactionBound="false" 
defaultDisposalTimeout="600" disposalTimeout="600" maxInlineSize="65536" defaultMaxInlineSize="65536" inlineSize="0" contentType="null" length="95543">
<cacheId/><localBackendId><DocumentFileID fileName="/usd/as91558a/work/was-v61/apps/jvmdms.a.1/temp/AdobeDocumentStorage/local/docm1302791768337/1925ec208e7deba285534660215ae481"/>
<localBackendId/><globalBackendId><DocumentFileID fileName="/usd/as91558a/work/was-v61/apps/jvmdms.a.1/native/adobe/jvmdms.a.1.as91558.1/DocumentStorage/docm1302792793931/d570dc3cf31fc6f368d4ee043ede67d5"/>
<attributes/></document> pdfDoc=null sharedData=null} getPdfDoc=null getCounted=null refCount=0}".
    at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.pdfa.PDFAService.isPDFA(
    at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.pdfa.PDFAService.isPDFA(
    at com.adobe.livecycle.docconverter.DocConverterServiceImpl.isPDFA(
... 71 more
Caused by: com.adobe.internal.pdfm.NotAPDFException: PDFM_S00025: Document docConverter.pdf of type application/octet-stream is not a PDF.
    at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.PDFMDocHandle.acquire(
    at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.PDFMDocHandle.acquirePDF(
    at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.pdfa.PDFAService.isPDFA(
... 73 more

The errors that occur depend on what kind of processes and activities you are running in the LiveCycle server, so they could be very different to the above.  The cause of these errors is the WebSphere version and changes that were made to the JDK used by WebSphere.  With WAS FP35 (and probably FP33 and 37) the default behaviour of IgnoreMalformedInput has been set to false, resulting in this change in behaviour for the String constructor in the JDK, causing these issues in LiveCycle.


 Contact IBM to ensure you have the latest fixes which should contain the solution to this problem as outlined below.  The latest fixes should reset the default behaviour of IgnoreMalformedInput=true.

As an immediate workaround you can manually set the JVM parameter “” in your WebSphere administration console.

Additional information

 Information from IBM related to the changes that cause this behaviour and the relevant workaround and fixes:

String constructor does not operate correctly with UTF-16 in Java SR12 FP1

This is a known issue and we had to make changes because of the behavior difference between IBM and OracleJVMs.  The change was to enable conformity with the Oracle JDK for malformed URLs.  To revert back to the original behavior you must add the following  parameter to the “Generic JVM Args” section in the WAS Admin console (instructions in the link below):

Where to set generic JVM arguments in WebSphere Application Server:

For more details  on the issue please refer to the APAR- IZ80870  (link below).


Please note, this change went into SR 12 FP1, which is why the same behavior does not occur in the previous SDK releases.  Here is the SDK fix list confirming the above APAR went into SR 12 FP1:

reference: (182181050/2838202)

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